Saturday, June 30, 2012

In the Land of the Swedes~ Mini Haul

Taking a break in the midst of my trip to bring you some pics of things I've found here. We went into Stockholm and ohhh boy could I spend a long time shopping here. I love being in cities so much because there's more of a chance to see other spookily-inclined people. The girl with the electric blue dreads nearly got herself a compliment from me, but I'm too self-conscious about my American accented Swedish. I saw a few metal heads, a possible punk, and a girl who's style was a mix of visual kei and cybergoth.

The first place we went shopping was literally the coolest shoe store I have ever been to. (I live an alternative fashion deprived life.)

There were so many stompy boots...

My dad nearly bought this hat. I'm working on convincing him.

I need a pair of Dr. Martens so badly.

That's a little much even for me XD
The place was a Goth's shoe wonderland. *sigh* If only I had more money. Here's the link to the shop. Unfortunately they don't have nearly as many on the website as in the actual store.

Next, we went to a place called Shock. It had your typical brand name alternative clothing lining the walls. (Except jeans were $100 instead of $30. Eek...) It never ceases to amaze me how much more expensive clothes are in Sweden. Or how much more expensive everything is. It's a bit of a culture shock. (Just like the fact you have to pay for public toilets)

However I do enough thrifting that I have no qualms about buying brand name stuff. I ended up getting a few things I had never seen before. The first one is a little vest from Too Fast.

Enhanced so you can actually see the pattern. Which is why the floor is yellow ^^

About $30

I've been looking for some sort of bag. it's really annoying to never have any place to put your phone or money when you go out. So when I saw this little cutie from Poizon Industries I snatched it up. It's small enough not to bother me and just plain adorable.

$20 I think?

 On the way out I spotted a display with a few "Luv Bunnies" by Dead Cute Plush Co. I freaked out and refused to let go of the red one. And so, I bought a dead bunny.

I couldn't leave it behind! It was $30 or so.

The hair bows, necklace, and bracelet on it's shoulder all come off if I want to wear them ^^

We were due to have dinner at my uncle's apartment so we had to leave, but on the way we spotted this.

I couldn't resist. I've never seen a vintage clothes store that big. I could have spent a day in there. We were pressed for time so I only got five minutes, but it was worth it and we'll definitely be going back.

Here's a bonus pic of me in a top hat. 

If I only could have fit this in a was $35!

Well, that's it for now. Until next time~


  1. I love what you bought, especially that vest. Do you have family in Sweden?
    By the way, I tagged you for the fear tag.

    1. All of my family are up in Sweden (Both of my parents are Swedish) so we visit whenever we can. And thank you! :D

  2. those shoes are beautiful *drools* - looks like you had a great time and bought some really cute stuff, especially the dead bunny ! (hey, at least you won't have to feed it lol) xx

    1. It's a shame they were so expensive! It's been really fun :)

      The only problem is I barely get to a computer and when I do get to one I'm bombarded by Blogger, Tumblr, and Facebook messages and notifications! XD On the other hand, how important is falling a little behind on the internet compared to real life experiences?

      And the bunny is my absolute favorite thing! I had to buy it! (It came in a cute little coffin ^^)