Thursday, June 7, 2012

Black and Red Week Day 5~ Skirt, Choker, and Wishlist

Today was the last day of school! *jumps up and down like a demented bunny* That means I can catch up on SLEEP.

Since today was a celebratory day and its Red and Black Week I decided to have fun with my outfit and forget about being comfortable for the day. Fashion is worth a few sacrifices after all!

I curled my bangs a bit today.

 I love this outfit so much! The corset/waistcoat I got off of Ebay. The boning IS plastic, which I regret to some degree, but it was extraordinarily cheap and good quality. I'm saving up my money so that I can buy some proper corsets, but considering the high school budget and lack of a job I'm not sure how long it'll take. The skirt is from the same thrift store haul as yesterday's jacket. The choker was purchased off of Etsy for $10 and I almost picked a purple ribbon so I got lucky didn't I?

I love tartan so much. Its a favorite pattern of mine. This skirt is actually slightly see-through. There's a second red mini-skirt underneath, but I still feel a bit awkward sitting down. I hate it when it rides up too far. I prefer wearing some kind of tights with this skirt,  but with summer here that's out of the question.

Here are some red and black things I'm coveting at the moment.

While I adore Heavy Red they're out of my price range.
Lately I've realized just how much I need a capelet.
This shrug is one of many lovely creations by lovechildboudoir on Etsy
Military styled jackets and dresses steal my heart <3
More tartan. I'm in desperate search of a handbag.
This picture explains all.
These would be difficult to incorporate into my wardrobe but I do love them.
I want these shoes for my Grell costume and myself <3

We're almost done everyone! We must persevere! I'm going to miss this when its over. We should have theme weeks more often ^^


  1. Great outfit :) the choker looks lovely.

    1. Thank you! I love that choker so much. It's on of the "gothier" things I own XD

  2. I have that Exact Same Waistcoat. Also from eBay. :) I cut small slits on the inside and removed the boning, because it was warping within 2 hours of putting the thing on. I love how you've styled it!!

    And I'm really drooling over some of the the examples you shared! Especially those shoes. Both pairs!

    I'm glad you are enjoying Red & Black Week so much! While I only have one theme week per year, I do host one-day themes on they first day of each month. So stay tuned to my blog!

    1. That sounds like a really good idea! It has warped a bit and taking out the boning would probably help a lot (Since its not anything that brings your waist in anyway...)

      If I can find the money those shoes are going in my closet. I'm really lacking in closed toe shoes that aren't boots right now...

      I'll make sure to keep an eye out! :)

  3. Your outfit is really cute, and those other things you posted pictures of are also beautiful. I too start to crave them! :)

  4. The outfit looks great!
    But heavy red is out of your price range? If you like that dress, you can try Bodyline. It's basicly the same as Heavy Red, exept less fancy photos, more clothes, and much, much less expensive. Look in the Punk and the Lolita section, and you'd be sure to find something very similar for under $30! Some of the stuff may seem expensive when it is new, but they usually take the price down to something manageable.

    1. You know, I always mean to go and look at Bodyline products when they're mentioned...and then I forget entirely XD I'll make myself a note this time and get to browsing later. Thanks!