Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An Alternative Christmas Playlist

Holiday tunes are wonderful for about the first week, and after that I want to claw my ears out. I swear if I hear Michael Buble's 'Santa Buddy' one more time someone is going to suffer. But have no fear! You can always throw a few of these songs in with the classics to break up the monotony. Christmas is well under way for most of us, so time to pop in some tunes and get to the festivities.

London After Midnight- The Christmas Song

The Kinks- Father Christmas

Alien Sex Fiend- Stuff the Turkey

H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society- Do You Fear What I Fear?

The Who- Christmas

This Ascension- Carol of the Bells

Inkubus Sukubus- Hail the Holly King

Faith and The Muse- A Winter Wassail

Cruxshadows- Happy Xmas ( War is Over)

Voltaire- Peace in the Holy Land

Rhea's Obsession- We Three Kings

Dead Rose Symphony- Bell Carol

Nox Arcana- Coventry Carol

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 23, 2013

7 Dark Christmas Movies/Episodes to Watch

Hello everyone! I've just been dead this month haven't I? Well never fear. I've returned with a holiday inspired post. With Christmas just around the corner sometimes you get the urge to see something a little more festive. But we've all seen the classics, so how about some darker things to watch before the holiday season ends?


I saw this when I was three and subsequently had nightmares for weeks. Nowadays, needless to say it's a lot less scary and more fun to view. Gremlins is one of those ridiculous classics that doesn't get any less entertaining as time goes on and being set during the Christmas season it becomes a great holiday movie.

Batman Returns

This isn't something that comes immediately to mind when you think Christmas movies, but it's certainly a good one. Much darker than it's predecessor, the holiday theme of Batman Returns is a nice contrast to the grim tale. Also, come on, it's Batman. Who needs an excuse to watch that?

Tales From the Crypt: All Through the House

Who remembers this wonderful show? If you're lucky boils and ghouls, you'll be able to find this one on Youtube somewhere. Most episodes from this delightfully cheesy show ere good and this one sports a murdering wife and even more murderous Santa Claus.

Edward Scissorhands

Not quite a Christmas movie, but it's got enough holiday elements to warrant watching it and I don't think most of us would turn down this lovely movie. It's emotional and snow-covered, which is enough to make it count in my book.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

This Finnish horror film cover the gruesome and gory side of Christmas quite well. The Santa unearthed in this film 'punishes' naughty children instead of rewarding the good ones and the results are not pleasant. The Saint Nick here isn't the one we know and love.

 A Very Supernatural Christmas

Supernatural is a great show full of ghost, demons, myths, and one liners. Of course, after nine seasons it's a getting spread a little thin, but I remain a faithful fan. This episode has pagan gods, dark humor, and a creepy-cheerful holiday vibe. It's highly recommended.

 Christmas With The Addams Family

Ok so The Addams Family is always a delight and this Christmas themed episode is as adorable as ever. We should all strive to have a Christmas as unique as theirs

I didn't put The Nightmare Before Christmas or Black Christmas up here because I think they're pretty obvious choices. However, you guys get a bonus if you watch Gingerdead man and let me know how bad it is. Happy holidays!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fictional Characters Inspire

I'm sure all of us have gotten tuck in a style rut at least once in our life. We get bored with what we're wearing and want to change it up a bit, but aren't sure how. There are only so many real-life examples you can look at before you run out of ideas. When I'm in doubt, and the Trad Goths, or Deathrockers, or beautiful Victorian Goth ladies aren't doing it for me, I turn to the fictional. There's all sort of inspiration to be taken from characters in Movies, TV, comic, or even video games. Here are some of the


You could take inspiration from any of the marvelous creatures in Interview with the Vampire. I simply chose the brat prince because he's my favorite. The movie is full of delightful costumes, but I only have to read the book before I'm searching for grey, velvet blazers on Ebay.

 Dorian Gray

I will stand by my previous assessment of the movie. I can't stand it. Not when that book is one of my favorites and I had to watch it's story ripped apart in the film. But that's not to say Ben Barnes isn't a very dapper Dorian. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is even worse as far as movies go, but I loved the Dorian in that and he's got a sense of style.


I want to steal just about everything Clive wears. Not to mention, he's absolutely adorable. However, Gypsy with her wonderful Stevie Nicks inspired wardrobe is a close contender.


Chances are if I'm watching a movie from the 80s then I'll see a million wonderful things to wear. Pretty in Pink is not an exception and I love Duckie's eccentric wardrobe.


Ok so I'm stealing from the same movie here, but that 80s rule still stands. Change most of her things to black and I'd be a happy camper.

Ingrid Dracula

Young Dracula is a kids' show. I don't care, I love it. Most of Ingrid's outfits (especially in the first couple of seasons) are pretty cheesy, but there are some gems in there. Her father's clothes ain't bad either. Now if we could only get rid of their penchant for cheap capes...


My Cousin Vinny is a funny movie, but the reason I liked it the first time I saw it was because of Mona's kickass attitude, and the fact that she could rock anything. She sure stood out in that little town.


I know we're all tired of being compared to her, but that doesn't make her any less awesome, so Lisbeth is going up here. The Swedish version because the Hollywood version is lackluster and Noomi Rapace was a brilliant Lisbeth.

Any others to add? Who do you guys look to for inspiration when the real life examples run dry?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Classical Music for Goths

Classical Music! How I do love thee. Actually, I've found that a lot of Goths seem to have a certain fondness for classical music. It's very Goth-friendly. I'm not particularly well educated when it comes to composers so don't think me an expert by any means. I know my Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, etc. like everyone else, but I don't generally listen to those three unless the mood strikes. I typically have a fondness for Wagner, Strauss, Liszt, and Shostakovitch.

Classical music has had an influence on the Goth scene as well. Some bands involved in the scene rely on strings and the like very heavily. There are unmistakeable uses of orchestral music in Neoclassical Darkwave if we're going to get very specific. Three bands off the top of my head that utilize classical/orchestra type music in their own are Dead Can Dance, Love is Colder than Death and Soper Aeternus. I'm not big on the former, but classical music is what got me started listening to the other two. Then there are groups like Rasputina or Emilie Autumn who rely heavily on strings and they're pretty adored by the Goth scene themselves.

Of course, being a complete band nerd means that I've been exposed to classical music since middle school. It's ridiculous how exited I get over hearing the oboe played in a piece. I jump around like an idiot and go 'That! That's my instrument!'. And I tend to listen to classical while studying so I don't get sidetracked by lyrics.

Below I'm compiling a few videos from my Itunes that that could fall under the classical label and might appeal more to the Gothic crowd.

Danse Macabre- Saint-Säens

Faust Fantasy Op. 13- Sarasate

Waltz No. 2- Shostakovitch

String Quartet No. 8 Op. 110 Mvt. 2- Shostakovitch

Nocturne in B flat minor, Op. 9 No. 1- Chopin

Dance of the Knights- Prokofiev

Lieutenant Kije/Romance- Prokofiev

Moonlight Sonata Mvt. 1- Beethoven

Cello Concerto Mvt. 1- Walton

So this kind of music might not be everyone's cup of tea. But hey sometimes if you feel like enforcing a fun cliche, such as reading a vampire book by candlelight, I figure you might as well have some music to back you up ;)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Hair Just Keeps Disappearing

Well I've chopped my hair off again! This time I went shorter too. Watch out, I'll have a pixie cut and then a mohawk before you know it. But here! Have some pretentious Facebook photos.

My months seem to be getting busier and busier. I've joined the community orchestra, a club that volunteers around town, and I've started writing book reviews for my library. On top of that, I'm stressing to get back to my cosplay, which I haven't been able to work on since the move (and I've been thinking that my mask is too big. I do hope I won't have to redo it). So I apologize for being so inactive on here. I'm certain things will calm down soon and I'll get back to my normal routine. Today I'll throw some more outfit pictures at you and perhaps next time I'll have something with a bit more substance.

I found this dress while thrifting and couldn't decide if it was weird or cool.
The front is lolita-esque though you can't see it
I keep returning to this jacket because's cold!

Huge, warm, comfortable jackets for the win.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sophistique Noir Theme~ Sweaters

Sweaters! I love sweaters. They're just so comfortable. I own several cardigans, but didn't have a sweater until a week ago where I picked up an adorable cat one at Target. Someone in my textiles class stole my phone yesterday (And my faith in humanity has dropped even further than normal) so it was difficult finding a picture of it. Luckily, I was wearing the sweater while doing a school project so some silly pictures remain.

If I were practicing for real I'd probably need some sheet music XD
The cats think they're Batman and I'm wearing a scarecrow mask. Contradiction?
School projects are fun on occasion as you can see.

I also have pictures of the sweater dress I bought the same day. Thankfully, I'm paranoid and normally email photos I think I'll need for something (Ex. a blog post) to myself right away. I really like the pattern and I can rock it with a leather jacket which is always a plus.

I really liked my hair that day. It made me forget that I need a haircut.

And well, I can't leave without showing you guys the Cecil costume I put together yesterday for Halloween. Luckily, I was wearing a sweater vest so I can sneak it in and it still fits the theme.

My mom's closet is the only place with a full length mirror.
Can you tell we haven't been here long?

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Masterpost

I had so many plans for Halloween posts that failed to materialize. We had a bit of trouble getting wifi set up in our new house and I've only just got it back. Let me tell you, you don't realize how much you use the internet until you're completely deprived of it for a couple weeks. Homework was a nightmare.

Instead of all the fun, creative things I had planned to write I'm going to do one big (Really big) Halloween roundup and save those ideas for next year. Let's see how long I can go before I bore you to a premature death. So, to start off, how about some books that will get you in the Halloween spirit? Many may be rereads, but they'll always be great.


Of course, then you've got movies. Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without a few scary (or hilariously cheesy) movies. There's a little for everyone here.




Us Goths really listen to 'spooky' music all year round, but having a specific Halloween playlist is always fun. Here are some of the things I have on mine.

Everyday is Halloween- Ministry

Monsters in Tinsel Town- Astrovamps

Filistata- Stolen Babies

Don't Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult

Moundshroud- Cinema Strange

Mommy's little monsters- Creature Feature (Though you might as well just play all of their songs)

Dragula- Rob Zombie

Dead Man's Autochop- Specimen

Day of the Dead- Voltaire (I was very tempted to put Brainz)

Here are some quick and fun crafts to spice up your house.

And of course, here are some of my favorite posts so far dealing with Halloween.

If you've made it this far down, I visited a haunted corn maze last weekend and it was fantastic. They put a lot of effort into it. We got lost several times only to be chased back by some horror (The chainsaws...*shudders*) and I was suitably terrifed. Not to mention it was only $8. Let me tell you, I always recommend haunted corn mazes. Go out searching!

What is everyone dressing up as? I'm going as Cecil from Welcome to Nightvale. My headcannon is more or less the popular one with included third eye and tentacle tattoos. I'm planning an actual cosplay for April so I figured this would get me halfway there. Pictures to come in a few days.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Outfit Dump (Hey look, I'm a Zombie!)

Blogger ate my post! I did this entire thing once already, went to publish it, and it disappeared. Hopefully second time's the charm. Anyway, I've been living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks now, and I think it's going pretty well. I've managed to throw together a bunch of outfits and I figured I'd dump all the pictures here in one big post. You know, I've noticed around here that nose piercings are a dime a dozen. It seem to be the thing to have. One on hand, it's nice because people don't care. On the other,  sometimes it's fun to break societal norms and be a little different. It makes me want to get some new ones more than ever. Of course, the lip is out of the question till I move out, but I ought to start getting the rings I want in my ear where my hair is short

My new tie from Goodwill~
New tights from Target~
My beloved Lip Service shirt.

I bought this dress at H&M a few months back.
Because cats.
This Trash and Vaudeville jacket is one of my favorites.
I mean just look at those shoulders.
Beautiful bathroom shot from my new school.
I may or may not have gone on a zombie walk with my friends.
The picture doesn't really do the costume justice, but I was quite proud.

I've actually got another new Trash and Vaudeville jacket which I completely forgot to take pictures of. However, since this is already a picture heavy post I think I'll throw in these sketches of Cecil I've been doing. I need to get started on some Carlos ones pronto. If you're not currently listening to Welcome to Nightvale, you need to be. It's brilliant.

I subscribe to white haired, one eyed, tentacled Cecil.
Because he's adorable.

Hiding from Management. Poor baby.

I promise to write something a bit more substantial for next time. Maybe I'll get started on a Halloween related post. That time of year is upon us once more ;)