Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fictional Characters Inspire

I'm sure all of us have gotten tuck in a style rut at least once in our life. We get bored with what we're wearing and want to change it up a bit, but aren't sure how. There are only so many real-life examples you can look at before you run out of ideas. When I'm in doubt, and the Trad Goths, or Deathrockers, or beautiful Victorian Goth ladies aren't doing it for me, I turn to the fictional. There's all sort of inspiration to be taken from characters in Movies, TV, comic, or even video games. Here are some of the


You could take inspiration from any of the marvelous creatures in Interview with the Vampire. I simply chose the brat prince because he's my favorite. The movie is full of delightful costumes, but I only have to read the book before I'm searching for grey, velvet blazers on Ebay.

 Dorian Gray

I will stand by my previous assessment of the movie. I can't stand it. Not when that book is one of my favorites and I had to watch it's story ripped apart in the film. But that's not to say Ben Barnes isn't a very dapper Dorian. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is even worse as far as movies go, but I loved the Dorian in that and he's got a sense of style.


I want to steal just about everything Clive wears. Not to mention, he's absolutely adorable. However, Gypsy with her wonderful Stevie Nicks inspired wardrobe is a close contender.


Chances are if I'm watching a movie from the 80s then I'll see a million wonderful things to wear. Pretty in Pink is not an exception and I love Duckie's eccentric wardrobe.


Ok so I'm stealing from the same movie here, but that 80s rule still stands. Change most of her things to black and I'd be a happy camper.

Ingrid Dracula

Young Dracula is a kids' show. I don't care, I love it. Most of Ingrid's outfits (especially in the first couple of seasons) are pretty cheesy, but there are some gems in there. Her father's clothes ain't bad either. Now if we could only get rid of their penchant for cheap capes...


My Cousin Vinny is a funny movie, but the reason I liked it the first time I saw it was because of Mona's kickass attitude, and the fact that she could rock anything. She sure stood out in that little town.


I know we're all tired of being compared to her, but that doesn't make her any less awesome, so Lisbeth is going up here. The Swedish version because the Hollywood version is lackluster and Noomi Rapace was a brilliant Lisbeth.

Any others to add? Who do you guys look to for inspiration when the real life examples run dry?

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