Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Goth Friendly Anime Part 2

Well, I did promise another part. So here we are!

Gosick- Gosick takes place in a fictional French-speaking European country. While attending a boarding school there Kazuya meets a girl named Victorique, who instead of attending classes, chooses to spend her time reading in the library (A girl after my own heart) or solving mysteries. He unwittingly gets dragged into these investigations, which often turn out to be fairly gruesome. Victorique looks an awful lot like a Gothic lolita, though her cold attitude is at complete odds with her sweet appearance. I haven't had the chance to finish this anime, so I'm not sure how the large underlying plot plays out yet, but from what I've seen it's really enjoyable. The first arc I saw revolved around a string of murders on a luxury ship.

 Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective- More vampires! There's a ridiculous amount of vampire anime out there actually, though I'm only putting the ones I enjoy on these lists. (For example, I'm not one for Blood +, Vampire Knight, or Rosario + Vampire) This was a late night anime that ran in 1998, so it's a bit older. The art seems a little dated, as does the animation, but I still like it. It's dark and moody and has interesting characters (including a spunky little imp). Shido, a private detective by day and Nightbreed hunter by night is a vampire with little recollection of his past. Through most of the anime he's solving murder cases having to do with these creatures, though later on they bring in his possessive sire, who's finally caught up to him. Shido can make weapons out of his blood, which is a pretty neat trick.

Ao No Exorcist- Ok, now this anime is pretty much a typical Shonen. It's one of my "Just for fun" animes. Lots of sword-fighting, utilizes the same cliches and the characterization is a bit cookie-cutter. BUT the stereotypical parts don't make it any less enjoyable. Who doesn't like an action-packed show once in a while? The anime revolves around Rin, who's shocked to discover he's the son of Satan. (Original right?) With his guardian dying to protect him, he ends up going to the prestigious True Cross Academy (where he doesn't fit in at all) in order to become an exorcist and protect people from the demons emerging from Gehenna. Of course, there's a large cast of fellow students to deal with, and it turns out his twin has already completed his exams and is to be one of his teachers. The whole reason to watch this show though, is Mephisto.

Mephisto Pheles *cough cough* is just....fantastic. He's the charming pink and white-clad demon up there. Mephisto is the principal of True Cross and works with the Vatican instead of siding with his fellow demons. Of course they don't trust him (Despite the fact that they don't even know he's the King of Time, Samael, and second in line to the demonic throne. That would go over well...) and his cheerful, dramatic exterior hides a penchant for manipulation. Totally worth watching the show just for him.

Demon Prince Enma- Like Pet Shop of Horrors this is an OVA so there are only four episodes. It's a horror anime and it's pretty graphic. Actually, it's very graphic, so if you don't appreciate a lot of blood or a little nudity perhaps this isn't for you. It's a more realistic sequel/remake of Dororon Enma-kun, an older anime I haven't seen. Enma is a fire-based demon who's come up to Earth to take care of the demons who've escaped the underworld. He has help in the form of a hostile ice-demon, a Kappa, and an old demon taking the form of a hat. I really like this anime, I only wish the plot was more cohesive and they tried a bit harder with the character development. Of course, with only four episodes to work with your options are limited. On the other hand, I really like the animation in this OVA, and the show managed to unsettle me, which is always a good thing in my book.

Dantalian No Shoka- When Hugh inherits his grandfather's estate he also aquires an extensive library. Upon further exploration it's discovered that this library houses 'phantom books' with unique properties, which are guarded by a Dantalian who takes the form of a young girl. The phantom books upset the balance of the world, and cause problems wherever they turn up. Hugh and Dalian take it upon themselves to gather up these phantom books and add them to the library. It's a light horror, with lots of books and supernatural elements, and fantastic artwork. It's also set in short story arcs so you can watch a bit at a time.

 Black Blood Brothers- Another one of those "for fun" vampire animes I have a habit of watching. The Kowloon Children were a new species of vampires that introduced humans to the supernatural as a result of their rapid reproduction. They're capable of siring new vampires from just a simple bite. After the Kowloon Shock, humans went to war against them, with the Old Bloods on their side. Now years later, Jiro and his brother Kotarou, the last of their bloodline, attempt to sneak into a city where vampires thrive, called the Special Zone. With the reappearance of the Kowloon Children things become a bit difficult as they encounter old enemies and new dangers that threaten the Special Zone. Kotarou is kidnapped and Mimiko, a moderator between vampires and humans, becomes involved as another attempted takeover by the Kowloon Children is staged. This is one of those animes that I watch with a smile on my face almost the whole time. The plot runs pretty smoothly, there's a bit of humor, it's easy to watch, and enjoyable to boot.

There are quite a few animes I love that aren't really "Goth-friendly" per say, but are freaking fantastic. I''ll probably do a post on them eventually because they deserve mentioning. But for now go have fun with these~

To switch my focus away from the animated world to the real one, this what I wore to Band Banquet. That's where the marching band learns the show theme for next year, and the people who are going to be on leadership. (Section leaders, Drum majors, etc.)  I've been wanting to wear this dress ever since I bought it last summer, and I finally got the chance!

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