Saturday, July 19, 2014

Music Spotlight: Eliza Rickman

Is everyone else having as crazy a summer as I am? I thought I would just lie about and be lazy, but much to my surprise it's been exactly the opposite! And I do hate venturing out of my house when it's so ridiculously hot outside. It's been up to 38 C here the last couple weeks and that makes it hard to wear many of my outfits without melting.

On the bright side, I got to see Welcome to Night Vale live in Vancouver just a couple of weeks ago, and I'll definitely do it again if they come back around. Cecil brings so much energy to the show and Dylan (Carlos) is such a cutie pie. I met both of them afterwards and they're really the sweetest. Also, they signed the poster I bought, and a couple of unfinished pieces of artwork. (Which I won't be showing off because they're really only sketches). One thing that I noticed? I'd never seen so many awesome shaved/funky/colorful haircuts and awesome styles at a geeky event like this before. I mean there are always some people, but there were attractive alternative fans everywhere I turned! It was a lovely experience.
Carlos' hair really is perfect XD
Meg's dress was lovely
I look like I'm in pain
 That's because I was desperately trying not to embarrass myself.

Now with my part of the adventure out of the way I can focus on the highlight of this post, which is the musician who went on the Canada tour with them. If you're not familiar with the podcast, what they do for the 'weather' on Welcome to Night Vale is play a song, usually from a lesser known artist. Normally, I'm not a fan of the weather songs, but to my extreme excitement the artist on tour with them was none other than Eliza Rickman.

We'll start off with the fact that half of her dresses are lovely, ethereal things that I need badly in my closet. As for the music, well I'm not great with genres so I can't tell you exactly what hers should be called, but I can tell you that she has the most haunting, beautiful voice I've heard in a long time, and at certain points she reminded me a bit of both Siouxsie and Emilie Autumn. Still, there's no question she has a style that's uniquely her own. I bought her CD after the show and there's maybe one song on it that I don't like. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she was even better live and I really got the full effect, so now I definitely have to see her again.

I'm also a fan of Cinnamon Bone and Start with Goodbye, Stop with Hello. If you're a Nick Cave fan she's covered Into My Arms and that's on this CD as well. You can buy her album on her bandcamp page, and currently she's got two more in the works, so if you'd like to donate to her kickstarter here's the link.