Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An Alternative Christmas Playlist

Holiday tunes are wonderful for about the first week, and after that I want to claw my ears out. I swear if I hear Michael Buble's 'Santa Buddy' one more time someone is going to suffer. But have no fear! You can always throw a few of these songs in with the classics to break up the monotony. Christmas is well under way for most of us, so time to pop in some tunes and get to the festivities.

London After Midnight- The Christmas Song

The Kinks- Father Christmas

Alien Sex Fiend- Stuff the Turkey

H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society- Do You Fear What I Fear?

The Who- Christmas

This Ascension- Carol of the Bells

Inkubus Sukubus- Hail the Holly King

Faith and The Muse- A Winter Wassail

Cruxshadows- Happy Xmas ( War is Over)

Voltaire- Peace in the Holy Land

Rhea's Obsession- We Three Kings

Dead Rose Symphony- Bell Carol

Nox Arcana- Coventry Carol

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 23, 2013

7 Dark Christmas Movies/Episodes to Watch

Hello everyone! I've just been dead this month haven't I? Well never fear. I've returned with a holiday inspired post. With Christmas just around the corner sometimes you get the urge to see something a little more festive. But we've all seen the classics, so how about some darker things to watch before the holiday season ends?


I saw this when I was three and subsequently had nightmares for weeks. Nowadays, needless to say it's a lot less scary and more fun to view. Gremlins is one of those ridiculous classics that doesn't get any less entertaining as time goes on and being set during the Christmas season it becomes a great holiday movie.

Batman Returns

This isn't something that comes immediately to mind when you think Christmas movies, but it's certainly a good one. Much darker than it's predecessor, the holiday theme of Batman Returns is a nice contrast to the grim tale. Also, come on, it's Batman. Who needs an excuse to watch that?

Tales From the Crypt: All Through the House

Who remembers this wonderful show? If you're lucky boils and ghouls, you'll be able to find this one on Youtube somewhere. Most episodes from this delightfully cheesy show ere good and this one sports a murdering wife and even more murderous Santa Claus.

Edward Scissorhands

Not quite a Christmas movie, but it's got enough holiday elements to warrant watching it and I don't think most of us would turn down this lovely movie. It's emotional and snow-covered, which is enough to make it count in my book.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

This Finnish horror film cover the gruesome and gory side of Christmas quite well. The Santa unearthed in this film 'punishes' naughty children instead of rewarding the good ones and the results are not pleasant. The Saint Nick here isn't the one we know and love.

 A Very Supernatural Christmas

Supernatural is a great show full of ghost, demons, myths, and one liners. Of course, after nine seasons it's a getting spread a little thin, but I remain a faithful fan. This episode has pagan gods, dark humor, and a creepy-cheerful holiday vibe. It's highly recommended.

 Christmas With The Addams Family

Ok so The Addams Family is always a delight and this Christmas themed episode is as adorable as ever. We should all strive to have a Christmas as unique as theirs

I didn't put The Nightmare Before Christmas or Black Christmas up here because I think they're pretty obvious choices. However, you guys get a bonus if you watch Gingerdead man and let me know how bad it is. Happy holidays!