Saturday, June 30, 2012

In the Land of the Swedes~ Mini Haul

Taking a break in the midst of my trip to bring you some pics of things I've found here. We went into Stockholm and ohhh boy could I spend a long time shopping here. I love being in cities so much because there's more of a chance to see other spookily-inclined people. The girl with the electric blue dreads nearly got herself a compliment from me, but I'm too self-conscious about my American accented Swedish. I saw a few metal heads, a possible punk, and a girl who's style was a mix of visual kei and cybergoth.

The first place we went shopping was literally the coolest shoe store I have ever been to. (I live an alternative fashion deprived life.)

There were so many stompy boots...

My dad nearly bought this hat. I'm working on convincing him.

I need a pair of Dr. Martens so badly.

That's a little much even for me XD
The place was a Goth's shoe wonderland. *sigh* If only I had more money. Here's the link to the shop. Unfortunately they don't have nearly as many on the website as in the actual store.

Next, we went to a place called Shock. It had your typical brand name alternative clothing lining the walls. (Except jeans were $100 instead of $30. Eek...) It never ceases to amaze me how much more expensive clothes are in Sweden. Or how much more expensive everything is. It's a bit of a culture shock. (Just like the fact you have to pay for public toilets)

However I do enough thrifting that I have no qualms about buying brand name stuff. I ended up getting a few things I had never seen before. The first one is a little vest from Too Fast.

Enhanced so you can actually see the pattern. Which is why the floor is yellow ^^

About $30

I've been looking for some sort of bag. it's really annoying to never have any place to put your phone or money when you go out. So when I saw this little cutie from Poizon Industries I snatched it up. It's small enough not to bother me and just plain adorable.

$20 I think?

 On the way out I spotted a display with a few "Luv Bunnies" by Dead Cute Plush Co. I freaked out and refused to let go of the red one. And so, I bought a dead bunny.

I couldn't leave it behind! It was $30 or so.

The hair bows, necklace, and bracelet on it's shoulder all come off if I want to wear them ^^

We were due to have dinner at my uncle's apartment so we had to leave, but on the way we spotted this.

I couldn't resist. I've never seen a vintage clothes store that big. I could have spent a day in there. We were pressed for time so I only got five minutes, but it was worth it and we'll definitely be going back.

Here's a bonus pic of me in a top hat. 

If I only could have fit this in a was $35!

Well, that's it for now. Until next time~

Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY headbands~ Bat and Eyes

Want a cute, easy, little DIY project? I realized I needed some more hair accessories. (And hats. I desperately need hats.) So I stopped by Joanns, grabbed a couple plain black headbands, and a few other things.

Result #1 ~ Bat headband

You've probably seen this tutorial on another blog, (I can't quite remember where...) but here's the general rundown.

1) Cut a triangle out of leather (Or another stiff fabric. I used black felt.)

2) Shape the triangle like a bat

3) Gather the center with a needle and thread so it looks like a bow.

4) Hot glue the bat to your headband.

5) Take another strip of the fabric and wind it around the middle of the bow.


Result #2 ~ Eyeball headband

Ok, this one is pretty self explanatory. Headband+hot glue+googly eyes= eyeball headband. I love it because it's silly and cute. I used three different sizes of eyes, but you can choose whichever type you like best.

Now go make some cute headbands!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spooky Computer Games Round 1

I'm in Sweden! Yay! Which means I won't have as much time to post or respond to comments as I usually do for about 3 weeks or so. But I'll have some shorter posts popping up here and there.

I spend far too much time on the computer Far too much time. However, one of the benefits of this is discovering new games. Dark/cute-creepy/horror-ish games involving the supernatural type games!

1) The Binding of Isaac

This is a bit of an obvious choice considering how popular it's gotten lately. Isaac's mom 'hears the voice of God' demanding she sacrifice him to prove her devotion. When she goes to obey, Isaac escapes into the basement. He has to face enemies, lost siblings, his fears, and eventually his mother in order to come out alive. It's an RPG that's randomly generated and as you go through the levels you obtain objects that give Isaac strange powers. The full game is $5, but you can play a demo here.

2) Impale.

It's exactly what it sounds and looks like. You sling zombies and try to impale them on all the sharp surfaces. Hey, I'm a sucker for zombie games and it's a time killer. Here you go.

3) Deady mini-game

Voltaire collaborates with AQworlds a lot. So they got together and brought you a deady mini-game! I personally think it's a bit easy...but it's got an animated story! And Voltaire's 'When You're Evil' plays in the backround.

4) The Unfair Platformer.


Ok, so this one's not spooky at all. Doom Mountain and a few jello-like alien blobs are about as much as we get. And spikes. Lots of spikes. However, this game is one of my favorite things of all time so I had to add it! It's a straightforward platformer....well if you don't mind that nothing is fair and they trick you about a million times.

5) Doom Cauldron

I saved the best for last. Seriously, it's beyond entertaining. The guy had one day to put a game together and he used props and costumes from around his house. It's full of bad puns that make me giggle. Basically, you throw stuff in a cauldron and try to make stuff, your end goal being a doom knight.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Liebster Award

OddGhoulOut over at Bats in the Belfry, Cats in the Attic nominated me for another award! Thank you so much!

The Rules:

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
  • Create 11 questions the tagger has set for you.
  • Choose 11 people and link back to them.
  • No tag backs.

Things About Me

1) I'm Swedish. Actually right now I'm packing for a vacation there. We're going to have a bunch of fun, but I won't get to my laptop for a few weeks. So not many posts in the near future. Sorry!

2) I literally read a new book a day if I can. I am that obsessed with literature.

3) I can spend hours on just browsing through my favorite fandoms.

4) My first movie crush was in elementary school. It was David Bowie in the Labyrinth. (And I didn't even know who he was ^^)

5) Recently I've fallen in love with Tahno in the Legend of Korra. He only appeared in 2 1/2 episodes and I'm hoping they bring him back.

5) Before I disovered Edgar Allen Poe my favorite poem was Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.

6) When we went to North Carolina on vacation I jumped off a waterfall.

7) I'll play video games for 15 + hours straight just to try and beat them.

8) I spend hours on Tumblr searching things like "Lestat" and "Dave Vanian".

9) I have a list of things to name my future cats which include Draco, Myrnin, Meowiarty, Sorrel, Gerard, and Atticus.

10) I have the stupid insecurity of not being goth enough that sometimes creeps up on me despite knowing how stupid it is.

11) I want to get my lip pierced, but my parents refuse so we've compromised on my nose.


Favorite Movie? Gypsy 83 or Interview With The Vampire.

Are you on Tumblr? Yes. Well no. It's complicated. I stalk people on there but I don't do anything else.

Cats or Dogs? Cats, definitely.

Do you find bats cute? YES.

Favorite cosmetics brand? I jump around. I don't really have a favorite. Just as long as it's not animal tested.

A word you use way too often? Amazing, definitely, obscene, ridiculous. Also, the phrase "and all that jazz" *facepalm*

Favorite season? Winter! It means I can make use of my jacket collection.

Favorite non-goth band? David Bowie or My Chemical Romance.

Current celebrity crush? Oooh this is tough. To list a few...Gerard Way, Ian Somerhalder, Robert Downie Jr., Ben Barnes in Dorian Gray, Tom cruise as Lestat, Johnny Depp, and no matter how old they get Robert Smith and Dave Vanian will remain my eternal crushes. (70s Dave...Oh dear...)

Biggest Fear? Responsibility. Not knowing what I'll do with my life.

Favorite Author? I don't have favorite authors really. I have favorite books. However I'll go with Oscar Wilde, Anne Rice, Tamora Pierce, Thomas Harris, and Patricia Cornwell.

My questions

1) Biggest inspiration?

2) Favorite book?

3) Places you'd like to visit?

4) Fictional crush?

5) Favorite item of clothing?

6) Favorite song?

7) Something you can't wait for?

8) Biggest fear?

9) Something you can't live without?

10) Pet peeves?

11) Plans for the future?

People I've tagged

1) Coffin Kitsch
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Now I'm off to announce to all of these lovely people that I've nominated them! I always hate doing that. I feel like a spammer ^^

Friday, June 22, 2012

Horror Movies~'s Top 10 Art-House Shockers

 Hello lovelies! Remember that little spiel about not having any scary horror movies to watch? Well I read an old article on with some suggestions and I'm here to share! Now, like I said, I'm not one for blood and gore. However I'm willing to overlook it if the movies are honestly good psychologically as well. So without further ado, here are their top 10 art-house shockers.

1) Aftermath (1994)

One of three short (30 minute) films focusing on the themes of birth, death and rebirth. Two morticians are working on gruesome autopsies. When one of them leaves for the night the other continues to work and has free reign with a corpse. Warnings: necrophilia, mutilation, disturbing themes. (I'm afraid I'm going to have to skip this one. Some things make even me queasy.)

2) Antichrist (2009)

 When a couple loses their son they decide to take a break and head to a cabin in the woods. While there the husband has bizarre and gruesome visions while his wife exhibits increasingly violent and strange behavior. Warnings: nudity, torture, genital mutilation. (That last one makes me hesitant to tackle this one too. There's a reason I avoid films like Hostel.)

3) Audition (1999)

 Shigeharu, a widower, is encouraged to start dating again by his son. His friend, a film producer, suggests they hold a series of mock auditions to find him a new significant other. Shigeharu is captivated by Asami and starts to pursue her despite his friend's uneasy feelings and her apparent lack of a past. It's a bit slow in the beginning, you almost forget that it's a horror movie, but it doesn't disappoint later. This is more my type of film. There are some graphic scenes, but not an excessive amount of gore and it's primarily a psychological film. (Yes!) Warnings: torture, disturbing themes.

4) The Beast (1975)

 A noblewoman's dream of an affair with a werewolf like creature seep into reality.  Warnings: Bestiality (through weird dreams) and apparently two horses 'get intimate'. (Yeah, I'm not too sure about this. Come on, you ask for creepy films and then you reject them? Shame on you brain!)

5) In a Glass Cage (1987)

A Nazi doctor and child molester tries to suicide. His efforts are unsuccessful and he ends up confined to an iron lung. He requires 24/7 attention to remain alive and his wife, tired of the work, hires a nurse. The boy was a prisoner in a concentration camp and one of the doctor's former victim's. What follows is a twisted mind game as the boy is determined to show the doctor how he suffered. Another extreme psychological film. Warnings: Nazism, hints at pedophilia and homosexuality, and torture.

6) Irreversible (2002)

A film told in reverse chronological order about two friends plan for vengeance. The story being revealed backwards, without you knowing the motive for the revenge will shock and change your perspective in the first half of the film. Later, you'll have time to see how it started and reflect on how your actions can affect your life. Warnings: Violence, rape, homosexuality.

7) Little Deaths (2011)

A British film containing trio of stories. In the first one an unhappy couple finds pleasure only through a ritual. The type you invite guests to. The second one deals with a homeless girl who's trying to deal with her problems by taking a pill given to her. After some strange side effects she decides to uncover just what is in that pill with some unnerving results. In the third one the guy has a girlfriend who treats him like a dog. Literally. One day, he just snaps. Warnings: Nudity, torture, extremely disturbing themes.

8) Martyrs (2008)

Anne finds a tortured woman and attempts to help her, but is captured. She learns that the group is trying to create 'martyrs' through pain in order to discover what comes after death. So far, they have been unsuccessful and Anne becomes their new test subject. Warnings: torture, nudity

9) Possession (1981)

I'm not going to try and create a summary for this one. says it "explores the shattered mind of a young woman whose mental collapse may be manifesting itself in the physical world – including an apparent miscarriage. When her secret-agent husband begins an affair with her doppelganger and a strange detective begins snooping around her apartment, she turns increasingly violent – leading to self-mutilation, a little nookie with a Lovecraftian monster (are you keeping up with this?) and finally what appears to be World War III." Warnings: Disturbing images and themes.

10) Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

The article claims this one is the ultimate test. Eighteen teenagers are kidnapped by wealthy faschists and put through four months of extreme physical, sexual, and mental torture. It explores themes of political corruption, abuse of power, sadism, perversion, sexuality, and fascism. Warning: torture, sadism, nudity.

 Some of these films are very graphic and you might want to do a bit of research before watching them. You should know your limits when it comes to movies. Please don't blame me for sharing! I don't know how many I'm going to watch. Probably not all of them. I looked for disturbing movies. Here they are, and well...they're shockers. Plus, I'm a bit uncomfortable when it comes to movies with a sexual theme. (Which seems to be the case in many of these.)

Why would you want to watch any of these? I like the way the article put it.

"Great art is not meant to make you comfortable; it's supposed to make you think and feel. Sometimes it has to shock us, smack us in the face and break through our defenses in order to poke at the soft, unprotected parts of our brains... which we don't always want to see. but isn't that one of the definitions of horror?"

 If any of you decide to see one let me know how it is! I think I'll be seeing Audition, Martyrs, Possession, and In a Glass Cage and I might do some reviews.

 Here's the link to the original article.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lady Bethezda's Giveaway

Just popping in for a quick announcement guys! Lady Bethezda over at Bethezda's Preoccupations is holding a giveaway contest! You can go ahead and register to win one of the lovely things in her Etsy Shop. (As long as it's under $15)  Go check it out! Now, I've got to get back to the arduous online driving course I'm taking, but I'll have a fun post up soon. In the meantime have a yawning bat ^^

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Horror Movies and Desensitization

Does anyone ever feel like horror movies don't leave the lasting impact you want them to? I honestly like to be scared. Scratch that, I like to be terrified when I see a horror movie. I'm addicted to the little thrill you get from it. A long time ago, when I first started out with things like The Ring, I jumped at shadows for weeks. The Grudge had me checking my bathroom every 5 seconds and locking my black cat out of my room. Even Jaws made me want to stay out of the ocean. Nowadays it seems I can't find anything that does more than creep me out for a few hours.

It all leads back to desensitization. It's gonna happen. You watch enough scary stuff and you start becoming accustomed to it. Which means you look for scarier and scarier stuff to satisfy your horror movie cravings. When you get to the point where nothing scares you what do you move on to? I still enjoy horror movies. They just don't have the same...kick.

After you've seen a lot of really good ones you start to notice the flaws in lesser ones. You can't help it! You start to pick at the little things and compare them how said superior movie did it. Nothing is ever good as that one movie.

Gore doesn't make things scarier to me. Period. I think you can have a very good horror movie without excessive and unnecessary blood spray. However this leads back to desensitization. Producers want to make scarier and scarier movies to keep people on the edge of their seats. They seem to think gore and torture will accomplish this. To me, it just makes it disgusting. I've seen so many movies where I've been utterly grossed out without ever feeling a bit of fear. (One reason I enjoy older horror movies.)

I mean, really?

I don't think there are enough good psychological horror movies out there. (If you know one please suggest it!) I like movies that mess with your mind and leave you going "What the hell just happened?"  There are still good movies like that being made. Eventually though, people will run out of ideas and just continue to up the blood and guts.

But think about it. Desensitization. We see horrible things on the news every day, horror movies get gorier every year, children play M rated violent games, and there are little kids running around Halloween Horror Nights. (I've seen it!). Back in the day (Before I was born) people were walking out of theaters and throwing up during The Exorcist. As amazing as that movie is, if you compare it to things today it pales in comparison in the graphic details department. What's it going to be like in another 20 years? 50? Do you think this desensitization is eventually going to have a negative effect?

Still, I'm going to continue my search for more enjoyable horror movies. There are so many out there that I still haven't seen so I have hope. Not to mention I can still appreciate a good movie even if it's not necessarily scary. Send me your recommendations!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Band Feature~ Uninvited Guest


Uninvited Guest is a UK act that formed in 2002. I'm not going to be nit-picky and go into sub genres and the like so the best way to describe them would be Glam Goth.

Their first album called Faith in Oblivion was released in 2005.The album was described as "an eclectic blend of Gothic glamour melded with symphonic, electro industrial rock".  A few songs have anti-religious sentiments and/or a bleak view on humanity.  (Just a fair warning. It's not anything blatantly offensive or anything. I don't know about any of your views so better safe than sorry ^^)

Their second album, Malice in Wonderland is even more bizarre. Their quirky, dark, sometimes aggressive, sometimes strangely sweet, and atmospheric sound carries through for a very strong performance. While the fantastical element to their music is still prominent a few songs such as 'Abigail' and 'The Law of the Playground' touch on real life issues and leave no question as to what they're talking about.

The visuals of the band are just as important as the musical aspect. They take a lot of pride in putting together creative outfits that are loud and unique.

I would give you a better description of the members and music and influence and such, but it's nearly impossible to find good information about them on the internet. To be honest I don't even remember how I found out about them! ^^  So here's a few examples of their music.

 How about a song dedicated to Whitby Gothic Weekend?

Or a song performed at Whitby Gothic Weekend? ^^

Uninvited Guest certainly isn't your typical Goth band. You'll love them or hate them. And if you end up loving them you'll hate me for telling you that they've disbanded indefinitely until further notice. I know, I know! Don't you just hate it when that happens? However, I hope you enjoy the two albums they released.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alien Movie~ District 9

 Well I'm by no means an expert on alien movies. Honestly, I believe the only ones I've watched are the original Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3. (And I love them very much) Those aside, I'm not normally one for movies with the extraterrestrial and normally prefer more supernatural elements. However, District 9 has quickly become one of my favorite movies.

It's a South African production on a modest budget and featuring an unknown cast. The CGI is extraordinarily good though, and I love the fact that we aren't staring at familiar faces on the screen. The movie is influenced by acts that took place during the Apartheid and focuses on segregation and xenophobia. The beginning is styled a bit like a mockumentary, but don't let that throw you off. It's cleverly done to show the attitude of the people against the creatures.

In many alien movies it's the aliens that are the enemy. Here it's reversed. The morality and prejudice of the humans against the aliens is the real problem. When the ship first appeared people were caught up in the excitement of the visitors. However after the novelty wore off, the aliens (who are essentially workers. Apparently the 'intelligent' ones have died) are placed in a ghetto called District 9 where they live in horrendous conditions. The people harbor mostly contempt and hate towards the aliens and refer to them as "prawns".

An Alien.

A prawn. Yeah, ok.

Wikus, the head of a private military company is put in charge of forcibly evicting the aliens out of District 9 and to the new District 10, located farther from civilization. He becomes infected by an unknown substance and he slowly begins to mutate and acquire 'prawn' features. Ironically, the less human he becomes the more he develops his sense of humanity and goes from being an absolute ass to a mostly likeable person. On the other hand. the behavior of the humans is absolutely inhuman in the treatment of the aliens and Wikus.

The movie isn't for the weak stomached. There isn't necessarily lots of gore, (Though there are disgusting moments) but the twisted morality of the people and realizing what humans are actually capable of might put some people off. I loved it. So if you haven't seen it and are in the mood for a gritty, realistic sci-fi then give District 9 a shot.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Vinyl: Bauhaus

Guess who took a trip down to the record store this weekend? There aren't many surviving ones even in the Orlando area, but Rock and Roll Heaven still stands. Their Goth/Industrial section is unfortunately a little lacking. Generally there's the typical Cure, Siouxsie, Sisters, Bauhaus, Christian Death and maybe some Alien Sex Fiend, The Smiths, Nine Inch Nails, and Fields of the Nephilim. The "Various" bin doesn't often have anything I recognize, which gives me some new music to look up ^^

I never have the money to actually buy the lovely vinyls I want, but this time my dad decided to treat me to my first actual record. After much consideration.... *drumroll*

Why not go with a classic? I do have an immense fondness for Bauhaus that almost rivals my passion for The Cure. Well, not really. I was actually looking for any Specimen, but no luck.

It's an unofficial release of live recordings. AND IT'S SO GOOD. I put it on dad's record player and sat in the office for the duration of the record with a big smile on my face. I think I might have gotten my dad into Bauhaus actually. He normally likes all things electronic. House music is his big thing. But he claims to have "A new-found appreciation for Bauhaus" and we've gone through the record a few times together. *sigh* I should have lived through the 80s...

Ok, so the quality isn't the best. There are a few places with a bit of distortion. However I think it was worth buying for sure. And look at how many songs there are :3

So yeah,  I have a Bauhaus record.

What about you guys? What was your first record? Your favorite record? Any fun stories to share?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Black and Red Week Day 6~ Zombie shirt, Bracelet, and Fishnets

The finale is here everyone! The submissions have been lots of fun to look at and its been even more fun participating. My last little outfit for you is more casual fun. We had a party for the little middle school bandlings joining next year and this is what I wore. Nothing too scary ;) I was still wearing it at midnight so I'm using it as today's submission.

My zombie killing shirt and striped skirt were perfect for a night of silly games and conversation. I didn't think this was quite enough red though, so my beloved fishnets made an appearance.

I love layering fishnets so it would probably be a good idea to pick up a few more pairs. But really, $10 for a pair of tights?? It's slightly irritating when you have no money and a million adorable things to buy ^^

I just made this bracelet! We went by Goodwill and there was this tiny little kids belt in Tartan. I was disappointed until I realized I could cut it and just use it as a bracelet :)

Well that's the conclusion of Red and Black Week. It's been a blast. I'll leave you with a picture of something I'm actually wearing today. My treasured Monty Python and the Holy Grail bunny slippers ^^

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Black and Red Week Day 5~ Skirt, Choker, and Wishlist

Today was the last day of school! *jumps up and down like a demented bunny* That means I can catch up on SLEEP.

Since today was a celebratory day and its Red and Black Week I decided to have fun with my outfit and forget about being comfortable for the day. Fashion is worth a few sacrifices after all!

I curled my bangs a bit today.

 I love this outfit so much! The corset/waistcoat I got off of Ebay. The boning IS plastic, which I regret to some degree, but it was extraordinarily cheap and good quality. I'm saving up my money so that I can buy some proper corsets, but considering the high school budget and lack of a job I'm not sure how long it'll take. The skirt is from the same thrift store haul as yesterday's jacket. The choker was purchased off of Etsy for $10 and I almost picked a purple ribbon so I got lucky didn't I?

I love tartan so much. Its a favorite pattern of mine. This skirt is actually slightly see-through. There's a second red mini-skirt underneath, but I still feel a bit awkward sitting down. I hate it when it rides up too far. I prefer wearing some kind of tights with this skirt,  but with summer here that's out of the question.

Here are some red and black things I'm coveting at the moment.

While I adore Heavy Red they're out of my price range.
Lately I've realized just how much I need a capelet.
This shrug is one of many lovely creations by lovechildboudoir on Etsy
Military styled jackets and dresses steal my heart <3
More tartan. I'm in desperate search of a handbag.
This picture explains all.
These would be difficult to incorporate into my wardrobe but I do love them.
I want these shoes for my Grell costume and myself <3

We're almost done everyone! We must persevere! I'm going to miss this when its over. We should have theme weeks more often ^^