Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY~ Bleached Skeleton Shirt

Last weekend I took a break and took on a mini-DIY project.  I've been wanting a skeleton shirt for casual days, but I wasn't prepared to spend $30 on a black t-shirt with a simple design. I mean, what a rip off. Not to mention its not very unique to buy the available Hot Topic copy they're mass producing here.

So anyway, I said to myself... 'Well, why can't I just make one? Seriously, I thought we were over this bad buying-everything you see habit' and armed with a cup of bleach, old tee and paintbrush I went to work. This is a great DIY project for people with no patience. (guiltily raises hand) It couldn't have taken me more then 30 minutes and I screwed up the first one.

A word of advice. Try not to use a cheap plastic paintbrush you found lying around your house (All of the others pulled a disappearing act on me) unless you don't mind it melting. Bleach is powerful stuff. Actually, on that careful. That stuff can be dangerous if you get it in your eyes. I suggest diluting it a little. Maybe one part bleach to two parts water?

The finished project.
Sorry for the rather unattractive view of my messy bathroom.
 The light wasn't good anywhere else...

I realize its not exactly anatomically correct. Humans have far more ribs than that and I'm pretty sure they don't go down to your stomach...but it serves its purpose :) The shirt actually has one more section of bone to it, but it seems to have bunched up above my belt in this picture.

The scarf I'm wearing is also an old DIY project. The shirt I used to make it was a tad small, so the scarf isn't nearly as big as I'd like it to be. (It's actually not even a scarf. I don't really know what to call it.) I plan on re-doing this with an extra large t-shirt so I get a proper scarf.