Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Nod to BatFit = Mountain Biking?

How is everyone today? I'm slowly dragging myself through the last days of school and oh boy I cannot wait for summer. The above picture represents my current state of mind, what with the frantic scurrying to finish end-of-the-year projects and studying for finals.

How do I solve that math problem??

Anyway! Monday was Memorial day and we went mountain biking. Yes, you heard that right. Mountain Biking in Florida. It's actually a really long drive, but the place is built in an old quarry and there's lots of trails. So here's my little nod to Le Professeur Gothique's BatFit Challenge #8. In other words, get your butt outside!

These make pretty fun swings :D

The Pump Course

All geared up and makeup-free. My socks have skulls!

None of these showcase the immense number of hills and rocks here. (I kid not. It's just hard to take pictures when you're hurtling down something steep.) It does show how pretty Florida is this time of year and that it hasn't yet reached the stage where the summer sun has burnt away the plants (and possibly the people).

The only problem? Deerflies.

I hate them.

But aside from some bug bites we had a great time and got in a good workout. About 12 miles I believe :)


  1. Deer flies = awful.
    Glad you enjoyed your ride - I love to bike too; I wish the weather would nicen up enough to bike here! ^^

    1. I know! The bites make it impossible for me to wear a shorter skirt for at least a week >.< And I would trade weather with you if I could! I only had one week to show off my jacket collection this year (It was that warm) XD But I'll try to wish some nice weather your way. Biking is such a great way to get some exercise while still having fun :)