Friday, May 4, 2012

May the Fourth be With You

I had to pop in and say HAPPY STAR WARS DAY EVERYONE! (My childhood obsessions refuse to be ignored)

So here's a tribute to the always overlooked stormtroopers for being well...not very bright...bless their hearts.

And another one for Sidious, who was a poor pathetic creature, but was still completely badass while managing to look like Pope Benedict XVI.


The inner nerd that dwells within me also implores that I post this. Anyone sick of hearing YOLO left and right? (That's "you only live once" for people who don't spend half their lives on social networking sites.) Well Yoda mixes it up a bit at least.

Very true.

If this over-exuberant nerdy spazzing has offended anyone, (And it better not have *death glare*) then I apologize... But who doesn't like Star Wars? <3

May the fourth be with you ;)

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