Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Outfit post~ Rips and Checkers

First, Big news! So big that I bolded, underlined and italicized it.

I dyed my hair.

And all of you are thinking 'what?Why is that so important?

Well, let me explain. I was sick of my blonde, so I decided to go blonder. Obviously. Actually, right now it looks really, really, really blonde, but once I tone the rest of the yellow out it should be white. *hopes* And then my life will be complete. I love white hair <3

I have no pictures for you guys and there will be none until it's actually white. And because I'm a derp. So, we'll move on to the outfit!

I blinked. Damn. I'm too lazy to take a new one.

 This is obviously from before I dyed and cut my hair. (I cut it too. Did  I mention that already? A little past my chin.) Actually, I have a bunch of pics saved from outfits I've liked that will keep popping up with my old hair color. Just a warning.

Black jeans~  $30 Hot Topic. (strangely enough around here it's the cheapest place for pants.) I actually wear pants a lot. More out of necessity than choice. I don't own many skirts or dresses unfortunately and I have no money.
Bullet belt~ $30 some alt. store online.
Spiked bracelet~ $5 Ebay
Silver bracelet~ $5 Macy's
Tank top~ $4 Kohls
Ripped Top~ You can't really see it in this picture but its just an old shirt I took scissors to.
Jacket~ I don't actually remember. Some nicer store. Sorry :3

You can see my necklace in this one! My friend made it for me. It's the Japanese symbol for 'princess' or at least as close as she could get.

The ripped shirt was actually made into a tank top and I cut the neckline too. It's fairly easy to make this...its really just what, two fold and some cuts? They run down the front, back, and both sides and its a great thing to do to old/tight shirts that you're going to throw away. My policy: It's boring? Rip it.

I'm leaving a tutorial for the shirt if anyone doesn't know how to do it. Even I, with my inadequate DIY skills can slice up fabric so this is a great project for someone who's never done anything with their clothes before.

Go cut to your heart's content!

That sounded bad didn't it? Oops.. oh well.

Farewell Darklings ;)


  1. Cute! I want to see the hair! *stomps her feet*