Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DeviantArtist feature~ CountANDRA

I went for a run earlier (with Ms. Emelie Autumn for support) and it's just too hot. I believe we've hit the 90+ weather now, and I just happened to forget to take off my makeup before I left. Yep, that's a melted mess. But listening to me complain about the heat almost every post must be getting a little old, so I'll spare you, and move on.

I've decided to start featuring some of my favorite DeviantArt artists on here once in a while because some of these people have SERIOUS talent. I love art (especially the ooky spooky type) so today's artist is CountANDRA, otherwise known as Andi Spyral. *cue enthusiastic applause*

When I first saw her work I thought it was extremely Burton-esque, but once you get deeper her art has a very distinct signature. As she says on her profile, 99.99% of the characters are her own work and nearly all have elaborate backgrounds. Many of them are part of original stories she's come up with and they're very imaginative. (unfortunately, I belive only Decembersville has been put up on the interwebz, while the rest of her writings have only been hinted at in bits and chunks for now.)

There's the sweet and spooky regular inhabitants of Decembersville, the  mischievous ghost Sourtongue, the evil Von Pyre bros, and the somehow hilarious but horrifying Doctor Dandy, to name but a few. (Personally, I love Doctor Dandy. What is it with me and crazy scientists?)

Some of her drawings are creepy-cute.

A chibi version of the Child Stealer.

While others catch your attention with the devilish glint in their eye.

The twisted ghost Sourtongue.

I remember the first picture that caught my eye was this one, and its still one of my absolute favorites.

Chimabell, the evil mayor of Decembersville.

Some facts about Andi~

  • She claims to have had "an intense anime obsession in middle school followed by an adoration of Tim Burton" which ended up influencing her wonderful style. 
  • Most of her drawings are done in ink using micron pens.
  • She's a freshman in college studying for an animation degree right now. Maybe one day she'll be bringing her creations to life. I really hope so.

I ought to be working on my book project right now, the sensible half of my mind is nagging at me to at least start it, so I'll just spam you with some more pics before I'm off.

As much as I love Chimabell he really is mean...

This one makes me want to go 'awww'

Doctor Dandy, my favorite <3 His goggles are very steampunky

Here's the link to her DeviantArt if you're interested
And also, her Tumblr


  1. Do you have a DA account? My user name is Beyond-The-Darkness if you want to watch me. :)

    1. Will do! I'm xXTwistedPrincessXx, though I don't have any art up because I'm lacking a scanner >.< I don't want to just take pictures of my art (I don't want to sacrifice quality.) I'm trying to convince my parents that a scanner is an item that we obviously, desperately need at home ^^

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