Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Goth Marketing Ploy + Bats on my Feet!

Ok, how many times have you gotten the "You look like Abby from NCIS" remark? Strangely enough I haven't, because we can't wear spiked things to school, and people around here aren't into the habit of speaking to strangers. (It's more of an open glare.) However, I know a bunch of people have gotten this, and from stories I've heard it seems that no matter what you actually look like, if someone watches the show and you're wearing a choker they see this.

Now don't get me wrong. I love Abby. I love NCIS. But I can understand how annoying this could get. Best strategy here is probably just smile and nod. Right about now, you're probably wondering why I'm going on this tangent about Abby. I mean its just a TV show right? Well, this is why. (Brace yourselves.)

The CBS is selling "goth accessories".

Yep, that was the sound of every goth in the world gasping in horror. Why would they do this? Actually scratch that, its all for the money of course. But still, um, I'm pretty sure if I wanted to buy a choker I wouldn't look here...

Look at this, just look.

I'm fairly certain those things will be of questionable quality, and from the comments on their Facebook they've been getting one of these three responses.

  • People informing us how hot they think she is, and how much they'd love to get in bed with her seems to be the number one choice... (Some things should be kept to yourself, or at least off of Facebook.)
  • Then there's the overeager fangirls claiming they loooove her but they wouldn't wear any of it. (Good for you?)
  • Finally, there's the people blatantly bashing the evilness of goth. (Which is always entertaining.)

The few goths that actually commented just recommended other places to buy accessories XD

Yeah, so I'm not sure how long they'll keep this up...I'm thinking sales won't be so great, (They might have a chance around Halloween...) but overall this whole thing is just funny.

Anyway, when I'm sad I tend to buy things. (NOT a healthy habit people) So yesterday I ended up purchasing these from Etsy.

Some cheesy fun to be had right there my friends.


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    1. I'm glad you like it! It's nice to know people appreciate my semi-coherent ramblings. It means a lot.
      I'd be more than happy to follow anything art-related so I'll be checking out your blogs later for sure. They sound very interesting!
      And of course you can follow me! Don't feel the need to ask, receiving new followers makes me so happy its ridiculous :D

  2. I bought my spiked dog collar from Petsmart. It's really good quality leather, so I trust it'll last a long time. I really like those bat wing things. What are those called?

    1. My mom's joked around at Petco saying she should buy me a collar...when I considered the suggestion she suddenly decided it was time to leave XD

      But, seriously when you can just go to a pet store and get a good quality collar there's no reason to buy from CBS xD

      And the Bat wings are by PINKGEEKSBOUTIQUE on Etsy. Here's a link to them. :)