Friday, April 6, 2012

Being stuck in Florida

Oh, where to begin?

 Its the freaking sunshine state after all. When you've only got two seasons, those being summer and January 14th, it makes it a little difficult to maintain your mostly monochrome wardrobe. I can tell you its around 90 degrees outside right now and I'm just about dying in a skirt and t-shirt (granted I've got two layers of fishnets and boots but that's beside the point.) All I can say is that when summer really comes around I'll be restricted to casual goth for a while. Three cheers for band shirts and shorts!
...Did anyone catch the sarcasm in that statement?

Besides the whole melting into a puddle thing there's also the fact that tan lines are unavoidable. I don't like being in the sun. Its burns! IT BURNS! I abhor having a tan. Always have. I don't care about being pale and goffic, but I'd like to avoid skin cancer.

This isn't what we're going for. 

Also, I'm naturally blond and haven't gotten around to dying my hair. (At the moment I'm thinking white) I've also got blue eyes, so Me + tan = instant Barbie. As a result the sun and I have declared war. And you know what??

 I'm losing.

The last issue I've got with this place is the crowd. I know I could have it worse. I've read about the horrible childhoods and bullying some of you have faced in your lives and I'm eternally grateful the extent of the harassment towards me has been limited to having the occasional "Satanist" and "Witch" thrown my way. 

First of all this shows their obvious ignorance of the religions those words are associated with and I advise that before they judge they should know what they're talking about. While I myself am an atheist, I know many people who consider themselves Satanists or Witches would be even more offended by the obvious misuse of the terms.

Being surrounded by obnoxious and ignorant people who also happen to also be devout/overeager Christians is not exactly the best environment for a developing gothling like myself. I do NOT have anything against Christians. My best friend is one. But I'm sure you all know the type I'm talking about. The ones that wave a cross and shout "Get back! BACK foul creature!"

I dread getting on the bus every morning and having the stares wash over me as they see what the "vampire" is wearing today. And going to a school of 3000+ people means the long walk across the courtyard every morning is extremely uncomfortable. 

If anyone else is having problems like mine all I can say is keep your head up. Don't let them know they're getting to you, they have no right to treat you like you're beneath them. Stay proud of your aesthetic, no matter what it might be. The people treating you badly now won't matter in the long run and I cannot stress this enough but always stay true to yourself.

But you know what? Its not all bad. Florida has one saving grace. DISNEY! And that my friends, comes around once a year, around the magical month of October. That's right... Halloween Horror Nights! One of the biggest Halloween events in the world and its just a short drive away. I've gone for the past two years and haven't been disappointed yet. I love horror movies and this is like living one. If you ever get the chance to go, do it.

We had someone come to our school to talk about what goes on behind the scenes yesterday. I just about cried when he said they throw it all away at the end. I would take some of that stuff. But we got to see the Caretaker have his makeup done and witnessed some of the scare tactics they use. I'm definitely going again this year (and already browsing the interwebz for hints as to the theme...) and I can honestly say there are few places I've had as much fun.

Let me end this post on a happy note by leaving a few photos from the 2010 event for you to enjoy. Unfortunately the people in the Scarezones aren't as impressive as the houses, and are really just to keep you entertained as you go across the park, but we can't use our cameras inside.


Anyone else notice her heart was on the wrong side?

This friendly skeleton skipped down the scarezone with us :D

The chainsaw squad. A hand-selected group of elites that get to run around, swing weapons, and terrorize the general public.

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