Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th! And Jackets!

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone! :D This is gonna be a pretty short post actually because my relatives are visiting from Sweden...and I apparently need to socialize more? I'm in denial. So first things first...I bought a new jacket on Ebay. Yes, another know those people that have a million pairs of shoes?

 Heh, well I'm the person that has a million jackets, and no use for them because of the intense, makeup-melting, goth-toasting heat down here. I don't really care though. Jackets are the best item of clothing in the world. (well, then there are corsets and boots and...I'll stop now...) But now I have another lovely item to add to my collection. *cue happy dance*

Here it is :3

Too bad I can't use it until next winter... *sigh*

There's also this one that I plan on buying.

Stripes! I love stripes!
Ebay is my best friend. Seriously. This is just so Beetlejuice-esque! (Because that's obviously a real word) I must have it. I just adore short jackets for some reason. Who am I kidding? I adore all kinds of jackets.

And Finally....

I would kill for this. I really would.

This beauty is found at lovechildboudoir's Etsy shop if anyone is interested. I just don't have the money. Everything in that shop is gorgeous but most of it is over my measly price limit.

On the subject of clothes, I wore a new dress to school today. None of my dresses are in "dress code" (meaning the shoulder straps must be four fingers across) so I haven't bothered. But I went shopping the other day and found a short-sleeved bolero and now I can wear them! I would put up a picture if my phone wasn't being stupid. I'll figure it out. I promise.

However at school I got a comment from a friend that made me stop in my tracks. She said that it was "weird" that I had been wearing so many skirts, and now a dress, because "Goths don't wear that. They only wear black jeans and stuff."
... when exactly did this happen? I didn't realize we were limited to pants. I'd obviously better go correct my wardrobe right away.

She didn't mean anything by it and I still love her to death but this lack of knowledge of the subculture sent me on a half hour long, detailed rant. She is now thoroughly educated. I'm not sure if she's thanking me. I just wonder where all these assumptions actually come from...

Anyway, a final note. I used to play a game called AQWorlds. Anyone know it? I still go on occasionally, to indulge my inner nerd, but I just don't have the time to keep up with the constant updates. However, I always tune in every Friday the 13th. Wanna know why? Voltaire does a live thing with them! So I'll be spending the night listening to his wonderful sarcastic self. This makes me very happy.  *happy dance again*

I've been re-watching Buffy again so today I'll leave you with this amusing picture :3


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