Saturday, April 21, 2012

Etsy Roundup ~ Skeletons (picture heavy)

By picture heavy, I mean almost this entire post is gonna be pics. But hey, you won't have to listen to me ramble as much! Aside from my usual commentary of course. ;)

So I love Etsy. Who doesn't? I especially love looking around for weird, one of a kind things. The kind of things that show up about 25 pages into your search. This time I went for good, cheesy, cliched fun and searched skeletons. Some of this stuff is rather cute :3

I didn't think my toes were that boney O.o
Halloween-y? Yes. But isn't it just adorable?
I want to try to make a pair of these...

kazlovesbats actually has a wonderful tutorial for them here

I'm actually buying this as soon as I'm not broke :3

Ok so I actually found this kinda creepy...but it's unique and deserves recognition XD!
I'm buying this too. Do you see the illusion?
    It's not like I'm gonna get pregnant ANY TIME SOON...
But this is either really scary or really sweet. I'm not sure.

These things are coming home with me. I must have them. <3
Well, I suppose that's it for now.
Don't any of you steal my Day of the Dead Dolls ^.^


  1. I love, love, love the prego shirt with the baby skeleton! *feels her fingers itching to go buy the day of the dead dolls, but out of respect for her fellow gothling drowns the desire*

    1. *appreciates the drowning of the urge* Otherwise I might have had to hunt you down O.e I quite possibly have a teensy, little, minor obsession with Day of the Dead related things XD