Monday, April 16, 2012

Outfit Post the First + Catching up on Supernatural

Well, its been a long day. FCAT (Otherwise known as Florida Children Are Tortured) began, which essentially means we sit in a classroom for a very long time and do nothing to further our education. It's really a pointless test. It's far too easy and it doesn't really reflect much except that we can read better than when we did in the 3rd grade. When you finish your test, pretty much the only thing you can do is attempt to sleep on those uncomfortable desks. (which is a whole lot harder than some people would make it seem) Plus, you're not allowed to read.

You heard me.

Not. Allowed. To read. After you've just turned in a reading test.

It makes me want to crawl in a hole and die.

Alright, excuse the melodrama, maybe its not that bad, but still. It makes me pretty cranky.  I apologize for any future snarkiness.

Good news though! I managed to figure out my phone-connecting-to-computer issues! Now you'll be seeing my not-so-photogenic self a whole lot more!

Awww you can't really see the bow-tie on my dress T.T

Dress~ Marshalls $10
Bolero~ Bealls $5
Boots~ I actually...don't....remember? ...alright I'm lying. They are from Hot Topic. Don't sue me.
Pentagram Necklace~ Christmas gift from my lovely parents.

So yeah, first outfit post! I've hit a blogging milestone! There's a sad, sad, sense of accomplishment that comes with that actually. Hopefully more to come but I'll probably forget to take pictures a lot ^.^

So I've been meaning to watch supernatural season 7 for ages and started recording it now, even though they're halfway through. I want to watch the ones I missed online, but with the shutting down of Megavideo (Why cruel world? WHY?) it's just been to hard to find anything >.<

I ended up watching this stray episode with no knowledge of the events so far and this is what I got. More blood, more angst, and more creepy human-flesh-devouring monsters. So, entertaining as usual. The demons are up to their normal murdering ways and...


...there are things called Leviathans now? What concerns me the most is that they don't die. They're like shape-shifters on steroids. And I hated those things. I was a little irked with the show when Dean and Sam were framed again and then faked their deaths again. I mean, how many times can you pull that off? THEN because I was missing my favorite angel I went and looked up what happened to him. Castiel, you moron, how could you? Now look at the state you're in. Also, what's up with Lucifer tailing Sam and begging like a lost puppy? Its creeping me out.


That show has managed to entertain me for so long and even though the plot has pretty much run dry I still enjoy it. A few of the episodes have actually managed to creep me out. Remember the stitched up doctor? The drowned boy? The little girl with the scalpel? Or the one that actually gave me nightmares, the one with the people in the walls. (In my house that would be entirely possible...)

Doctor Benton and I? We go way back.

that whole thing was just a way of saying this show is amazing and you should watch it. Before I go, you know the angel I mentioned? Castiel?

This guy?

Well some genius on Deviantart made the most adorable game with him. It involves clothes. And the removal of them. Its actually a dress-up game. Try it. I dare you.

Here it is :)