Sunday, April 15, 2012

When I was an Awkward Emo Kid: Secrets Revealed

SO quick little post as I wait for my mom to get back from grocery shopping. We're making key-lime pie people! Can I get a hallelujah?

I was feeling a little reflective and started thinking about how I first became involved in the subculture, which officially wasn't really that long ago. I seem to have gone through the same cliched phases as lots of people on here. It was...oh, maybe 7th grade? I was still dressing more or less like everyone else because I didn't realize that there was even a way to dress differently. I was surrounded by Aeropostle and Hollister and that was that.

My friend had decided to be "daring" and had worn this bracelet with a double row of studs on it. My mind was blown. (Hey I see you laughing there, yes you in the back.) I asked her where she had gotten it and the next thing I knew she had gotten me the same one in blue.

She told me she had found it at Hot Topic and I decided I had to visit this magical place. (Go on, roll your eyes. I know you want to.) I fell in love, and started buying myself what was kind of like a goth-in-a-box kit, but was really more of an emo-in-a-box kit.

THEN I actually discovered emo. Oh boy, kill me now. I loved it because it was alternative and the hair was to die for. So I stocked up on skinny jeans, band shirts, and checkered patterns. I started listening to post-hardcore bands and lots of screamo. I pretty much lived in Hot Topic. There were some adventures in eyeliner and badly teased hair.

Don't get me wrong, I still like the style, I'm not gonna bash emos like so many others do. It's a legitimate style. (Or at least used to be) It works for some. It just wasn't for me. (Though my hair is still a little reminiscent of it and I might have a checkered wristband lying around somewhere reserved for fond memories.)

Next I had an unconscious mallgoth phase. I didn't realize I was a mallgoth but looking back...Dear lord was I one. Lets go down the list shall we?

  • Marilyn Manson. I looooved Marilyn Manson. I still like Marilyn Manson. But not because he's oh so spooky. And by no means is he at the top of the list. Wanna hear more? Evanescence, Slipknot...sensing a pattern?   
  • Tripp pants. Though I actually escaped this to some degree. I got a pair for christmas but they weren't the baggy kind and they ended up not fitting anyway! (thank god for small miracles)                                    
  • Hot Topic. I already went over this but closet still has too many things from that store that I cant cut up and use for DIY until I get more clothes.      
  • Badly done eyeliner. This carried on through the emo stage but got worse because it was thicker. I should have listened to the not so subtle hints my mom dropped me. But then again, I'd never worn eyeliner before I started experimenting in alternative fashion. So I hadn't had much practice. I can at least honestly say I've never done crow makeup.
The funniest thing is that I had all the basic characteristics of a mallgoth while still denying that I was Goth. I had Not-a-goth syndrome. Part of the reason might have been that my friends kept telling me that I was Goth and I was so desperate to prove them wrong. I didn't like people classifying me as something. (Anyone hearing the "not a soup can" thing right now?)

Anyway to make a long story short I discovered Amy's Ultimate Goth Guide. I learned many marvelous things, discovered music that spoke to me and here I am. A babybat and proud. I'm not going to come out and say I'm an expert. Although the hours of internet browsing on the subject might have helped. But I'm learning and this blog is keeping track of that. Heck, maybe some other babybats will find this blog and it'll help them. I hope so. And I'm eternally grateful to all the more experienced people reading this and not abandoning me.

Goth is something I just don't see myself really ever growing out of, unlike emo. I love everything about the subculture-music, aesthetic, and views. I'm pretty sure my parents still think its a phase but when the fishnets, ruffles, and stompy boots stick around maybe they'll realize its here to stay. Just wait till I can afford to buy more pretty Victorian-esque things. They'll be looking at me like I've grown a second head XD

But that's enough nostalgia. How about something fun and unrelated to wrap this up? Make sure your volume is up.

P.s. Smosh is pretty popular right now so you might have seen it, but if you've ever played the Pokemon games as a kid, or heck even now, (guilty) then you should check out their "Pokemon in real life" video and you'll understand that everyone was just as frustrated as you. here you go

I'm going to go make some key-lime pie now. Be jealous. Be very jealous. 


  1. You should post pics of your emo and mallgoth days. :)

    1. I promise I will if I find some... I try to avoid cameras honestly XD

    2. I understand. Until I got a blog, I only really took pictures on holidays or special events.

    3. If anything, you should NOT post pics of your emo and mallgoth days. If you are not proud of the way you look in a picture, there wil be many people much less proud, and a simple copy and paste from one of them can end your picture in Facebook with a nasty caption attached.

    4. I wouldn't be horribly ashamed actually. Those days really weren't too bad. They definitely could have been a lot worse! But again, the lack of evidence makes the choice for me here, because I don't think I'll ever be able to locate any pictures. ^^