Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things I'm Gravitating Towards Lately

My style is always rooted in the Goth scene, but how I express that tends to change on a fairly regular basis. I get bored when I wear the same things all the time, so I'm constantly on the hunt for something that will spice up my wardrobe. Normally, I just latch on to another style and combine it with my dark aesthetic, but lately I've noticed that when I'm in stores or online my eyes tend to gravitate towards particular things. Here are some of the more common offenders.

Dark Green and Maroon

When paired with black that is.  I've always liked jewel tones, but lately I've been favoring maroon and green over others. They're just so enticing.... I recently bought a top that's roughly the color of the middle nail below, and I love it to death. I'm also on the hunt for a darker green military jacket (The one I bought years ago is far too light and just screams junior section...)

Dress Shirts

I've always liked dressing up, but for me that normally means throwing on an actual dress and getting creative with my makeup. Lately, I've been wearing a lot of jeans (Partly because it's easy, partly because it's COLD and a skirt and tights ain't gonna cut it) and I've been hovering on the more androgynous side of the spectrum by breaking out my ties, suspenders, etc. So of course, I need a better dress shirt to pair all of that with.

I could also go for something like this.
Funky Jackets

If you saw the recent purchase I showcased in the last Sophistique Noir challenge you know I've got a very funky jacket that's been getting a lot of use. Unusual jackets have been high on my list as of late. Of course, I'm a bit obsessed, so jackets are always at the top of my list, but I've been striving for more creative designs in my recent searches.

Leopard Print

I've loved leopard for ages. I'm not sure I should count it as something I'm gravitating towards lately, because I always covet it, but my closet has seen a larger influx of leopard prints than normal in recent months so I suppose it counts. (A little while ago I bought a leopard print sweater and yet another scarf in the same week..)

Polka Dots

I've been feeling the vintage vibe strongly this last month. However, I don't have a lot of opportunity to express that vibe because my 'vintage' items are few and far between. The 50s are one of my favorite time periods for fashion (Along with the 40s and 20s. We're not counting the alternative 70s/80s wardrobe because that's half my life already) and I've been trying to at least incorporate some of that in my everyday life by looking for more polka dots. It's a stretch, but at least it's a bit of an homage.

Round Sunglasses

I don't know where it came from, but I've been struck by this inexplicable urge to own a pair of circle lenses. I think I may have seen a picture on Tumblr, and then later realized I just had to have a pair. The only problem is that I'm not sure they'll fit my face shape, but I'll deal with that hurdle as it comes. Is it a bit hipster-ish at the moment? Maybe. Do I care? Not particularly.

Are there any trends or items you've been gravitating towards lately? Feel free to share, I'm always open to inspiration!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Goth Is Finally Invading My Room

School has been a nightmare lately let me tell you. I've got a bunch of posts planned for the near future, if I can work around finishing my cosplay, and writing these essays my new teachers are fond of giving out. As far as recent news goes however, I'm happy to announce that I've finally gotten to decorate my new room! It's looking exactly as I envisioned it, though there's still a bit to go.

The black wall is going to be my poster covered one, once I get more.
My lovely Pinhead poster is hidden by the glare...
And my Black Knight is all by himself in the corner because he was too big.
I'm a geek and I am extremely proud of my instruction-less bionicle ok?
That big one took hours of collaboration with my friend ^^"
Brand new closet!

I love the purple color of the walls. It's even better in person. Also, I'm really glad we tore up the carpet and put in wood. The grey-ish color is perfect. Now I need to go get myself a table/desk, a shelf for my little knickknacks, and a rack for my record player and speakers. I think I'll also get some black and grey curtains to hang over my window and I have an ornate mirror to hang up. Unfortunately, I'll only get to have this room for a little more than a year, since I'll be off to university, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

How about you guys? What would your perfect room be like, if you could do anything that struck your fancy?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sophistique Noir Theme: Outerwear


Oh boy, do I love outerwear. I think my jacket collection is easily reaching for twenty right now, and that's not counting others things like vests. Of course, when I lived in Florida I didn't have much use for all of these jackets. Now though, I've been gleefully enjoying the opportunity to flaunt my wardrobe. The other day I even decided to channel Sherlock a bit.

That jacket is actually stolen from my mother's wardrobe which means I've got limited access to it. Unless I'm very sneaky. The real jacket I'd like to showcase today is one that I bought at Blackfish Apparel downtown. The clothes in there are expensive, so it's going to be one of those 'only when I'm comfortable splurging' stores. Considering I prefer to thrift to save money, those splurging moments aren't going to happen often. Luckily, they were cleaning out their inventory after Christmas and I was able to snatch this jacket for half off.

It's definitely a statement piece, so I've only worn it a few times. It's something a bit more colorful than I'd normally wear, but when I saw the cool patterns on it I just had to get it. This is probably one of the items in my closet that I get complimented on every time I wear it, so I'm really glad I caved that day.

Winter won't be going away for a while, so I'll be taking every opportunity to enjoy my jackets! Here's a bonus pic of the weather I've been dressing for. Living in snow is a fairly new concept to me, but I'm loving it.