Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

My trick or treating plans blew up in my face so I'm tagging along with my friend to a party her church's youth group is having. Not the most fun thing I could be doing but hey, I get to dress up, there's candy and games, and well, I've been before and the pastor's son is really hot so... ;)

I'll get full pics later when I have more time. And by that I mean real ones. This was a costume test run from yesterday and I didn't even put my hair under the wig... They'll probably go up with the Sophistique Noir challenge I'm doing tomorrow. But behold...Grell!

Yup, I'm a dork. I want to perfect this eventually and get a longer red coat and the real shoes, but this will definitely do for now. I also need to start my Lady Loki and Harley Quinn costumes since there are a few cons coming up. I think I'll start with Harley. She's a lot easier. I'm caught between the Arkham City version with a corset, pants, and pigtails, or a more classic version with a dress or bodysuit with the cowl. We'll see.

I'll leave you with a cartoon and song in the Halloween Spirit.  Until tomorrow!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spooky Computer Games~ Round 2

Well I've received the latest variation of the plague from my peers at school so it seems I'm stuck home for a while. I'm a little disappointed because I was getting together with some friends to have a Halloween themed movie night. We were going to watch Beetlejuice, Alien, and the VHS I found the other day of Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School. That movie was my childhood...

Anyway! Since I'm bedridden I've been on my computer a whole lot and have been looking around for more 'spooky' games to pass the time with. So in the spirit of Halloween let me present...

1) Slender

If anyone reading this has never heard about Slenderman I advise you look him up. He started out as an entry in a photo-editing contest and has evolved into an insanely popular meme on the internet with his own detailed mythos. The goal of this game is simple. Find all of the notes hidden around this dark forest without Slenderman catching you. If you look at him for too long you'll go insane and lose. If he catches you you'll obviously lose. Basically, you need to always be going in the opposite direction as him, but he has a bad habit of spawning nearby. Not to mention, every time you find a note he hunts you more relentlessly. The game is mostly open, yet strangely claustrophobic at the same time. (Wait till you get to the indoor note) and the eerie atmosphere and sound of your own heartbeat induces some pretty major paranoia.

Is the Slenderman himself in this scary? No, the graphic are pretty bad, but the overall design of the game has managed to freak me out on several occasions. (He normally sneaks up on me. Not to mention sometimes you only see his foot sticking out from behind a tree...) There's also a replica called Slenderman's Shadow or something like that. The graphics are better and the enclosed maps(Sanatorium and Hospice are the two I know) are creepier even if it's a copycat game ^^

You can play Slender here.

2) Amnesia: The Dark Descent

 Alright, so this one isn't free unless you pirate it or receive it from a friend, but I love it and it's terrifying so it's going on the list. It has a long, complicated storyline that I'm not going to bother to explain, but here are the basics. Being in darkness too long, witnessing unsettling events, or staring at monsters will make you lose your sanity. You cannot fight the monsters in this so you have to hide or run away. You can hide in wardrobes or barricade doors, but monsters can often break through them. And speaking of doors, some of them are push and some are pull so imagine running from a monster and guessing wrong. FYI, you can't play this on a laptop, it's impossible because of the controls.

You can buy it here

3) Death's Embrace Escape

A straightforward escape game. You click around the laboratory trying to find a cure for your infection and an escape route. There's a jump scare on a constant loop. I advise wearing headphones for the...full experience ^^

Here you go.

4) 1916- Der Unbekannte Kreig

You're alone in the trenches of WWI. Navigating the trenches is difficult enough, and then the dinosaurs arrive. Yep, a pack of raptors has broken through the frontline and now they're after you. Grab what you can and head for the nearest ladder. The battlefield will save you from the dinosaurs, but at what cost?

The download is here.

5) SCP: Containment Breach

This is also a lot like Slender. The graphics are worse, but it's much harder. The creature you're trying to escape from can't move if you're looking directly at it. The problem is, you have to run away from it and it can teleport basically anywhere. You also have a blink meter and the monster can move extremely fast as soon as you finally blink. The game is really hard. I don't normally get very far.

 On a final note, I need to go get some pumpkins! Those crayon pumpkins I posted about earlier are probably on the to-do list, but I saw these on Tumblr and fell in love. I guess I have another project!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Baking

Well at this point everyone is probably getting into the Halloween Spirit! (If not drowning in it...) What better way to celebrate than baking a few spooky goodies? I love baking and I try to do something different every weekend, which means lots of opportunities for Halloween treats. I browsed the interwebz for a while and came up with some ideas! Not all of them are treats, there are a few ideas for appetizers in here too.

Bats! I love bats!

I'm not sure how to go about accomplishing this, but I'm going to find out.

Now this is just adorable.

I showed these to my mom and she grimaced. I think they look lovely! ^^

Classic pumpkin bars may look a little boring, but they're delicious.

I guess I had better get started! ^^

On a final note.

Doctor Who.

Someone please get me another box of tissues because the emotional impact this show has had on me is reaching its breaking point.

I don't think I've ever watched a show that's made me feel so much. (And no, it's not because it's every sci-fi nerd's dream nor because I've fallen in love with the magnificence that is David Tennant.) This show just has a way of grabbing on to your heart strings and yanking. I love everything. The settings, the stories, the characters...even the Daleks! And frankly, they are pretty much unlovable. If you haven't started this show you need to. I suggest starting with the 9th or 10th doctor. You can always go back to the classical era once you've caught up. But it's worth it.

Personally, I'm going to be devastated when I see Tennant's last episode, (I have 5 left...) but I've heard really good things about Matt Smith so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Plus... bowties are cool ^^

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge~Day 10: Something You Wore to a Special Event

Well this certainly brings back memories. I've been to a few "special events" recently I suppose, but I don't have any pictures so I'm going with something older. This is the dress I wore to my 9th grade homecoming. I got it the day before the dance for $30 and it still looked a million times better than someone's (who shall not be named. Suffice to say she embodies all of the negative qualities I dislike in people) $400 dress. (And let me just say she didn't get tired of announcing it in every one of her classes...)
I love halter tops and dresses.

This was before I even really cut layers into my hair and I don't know what possessed it to lump up like that on the left. I don't think I styled it like that ^^

I didn't bother going to homecoming this year. It's just too much effort. You have to buy the dress and the ticket and find people to go with... It was fun once, but only for the experience. Dancing is great, but I'd rather put my money towards a new jacket than watch people grind to horrible music.

Just for you suppose marching a parade could be considered a 'special event?' because well, I wore this for a parade we went to in Chicago.

Very flattering I know.

I've just recently started watching Sherlock and Doctor Who (Starting with David Tennant. I'm already in love. I'm going to go back and watch the old ones eventually once I've gotten through him and Matt Smith.) because obviously I needed more fandoms. I'm almost done with Sherlock and then I'll have to wait with everyone else for the new episodes. But until then, I'll have The Doctor!

Well I'm off to study for a math test, so I'll leave you with today's outfit. It was perfect outside for my little blazer  ^^

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Horror Nights 2012

Well, I'm going to start out by saying that while it wasn't as good as last year's event it was still really fun. The best houses were probably Silent Hill, Gothic, and House of Horrors.  We were smart to go on a Sunday so the lines weren't very long (We waited an hour for The Walking Dead and that was the longest.) which meant we were able to get to all of the houses. The Walking Dead was a bit disappointing and while the Penn and Teller was amusing it wasn't very scary. Dead End was pretty good and I really liked Alice Cooper.

I was a bit disappointed in the moving scarezones to be honest. It was difficult to meet them all and I missed the effort that normally goes into the scenery of the stationary ones. Of course, I can say that now, but in reality I still screamed so much that I'm barely able to talk today. (And my's unfortunately high pitched, and only attracts other monsters looking for a victim ^^)

Here are a few pictures we managed to get! Nothing is very scary in the daylight of course, (It was light for about the first hour) but everything becomes much more terrifying at night. We also seemed to mostly get pictures of the reality there were many more different kinds of creatures roaming around.

The entrance to the event.

Time to plan our strategy.

A little useful info.

It's amazing how well they can blend in when they want ^^

Standing on those looks extremely difficult...

About halfway through the night we went to Starbucks.
The scareactors invaded unexpectedly.

A couple with matching makeup.

Changing shifts behind a house.
They're covered in cloaks so you can't see what they look like.

The entrance to Alice Cooper.

Mist? Check. Blue light? Check. Chainsaws? Check.

I loved this guy so much ^^

Overall, I had a great time and I'm already looking forward to next year. I bought an Alice Cooper shirt to add to my HHN collection and enough candy to last till Halloween so I'd say it was a fairly successful night ^^

Thursday, October 11, 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 8 + Spirit Week

Day eight is your most expensive piece of clothing. My most expensive item has got to be the leather jacket I bought last summer. It was new and the leather is amazing quality so I think the $200 is justified. The store had lots of different designs and believe me when I say I wanted all of them, but I ended up sticking with the classic moto jacket.

That right there is my 'school has mentally exhausted me' face.
Nearly nonexistent, melted makeup included.

I can't wait to start customizing it. My mom won't let me paint it until I've worn it out a bit. Apparently I shouldn't 'ruin' such a nice new jacket, but I'll at least be able to stick some band pins on there.

This week at my school has been Spirit Week and everyone's been dressing up. It's been pretty awesome actually. If you'd like to see my costumes so far...

Monday was Hero day so obviously I came as a villain. I sort of threw together this Harley Quinn outfit at the last minute. Unfortunately, my hair isn't quite long enough to do her pigtails which would have really completed the outfit. The mask is made entirely out of liquid eyeliner. Let me tell you, that was not fun to get off before marching rehearsal. What I hated about this day was that there were a million Batmans. Batmans everywhere. I would be fine with this if they actually knew something about Batman and weren't just people that jumped on the bandwagon after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight movies. While it was once 'nerdy' to like Batman now it's 'cool', but only if you're referring to the new movies. Don't get me wrong, I love those movies, but I hate how people have latched on to the fandom without bothering to learn about it's past.

Tuesday was sports day so I skipped that. I didn't even entertain the idea of hunting down one of those awful jerseys. Wednesday though, was secret identity day. No one really knew what to do with this one so we improvised. Some really handsome guy was the JOKER. Classic Joker too, not TDK Joker. I spent the nest hour lamenting over the fact that he hadn't dressed up on Monday so I could have had a Mr. J to pretend to latch on to/fawn over/glomp unashamedly. (And also repeating to myself under my breath 'Megan that is not attractive. Megan, it's not attractive' to no avail. Stupid fangirl urges. *sigh*)

I had planned on making a Slenderman costume for this, but I didn't have time to get to the store to finish it (It was so close to being finished too!) I dug around and found the gas mask we bought at Skycraft a long time ago and wore that instead. I guess my secret identity is a time traveling WWI soldier?

I don't wear that jacket too much. I think it's because I have some stupid preconceived notion that because I'm already blond wearing the green makes me look 'not gawth enough'. *shrugs* I've decided to dye my hair black soon, but I'm still going to force myself out of that way of thinking.

Finally, today was Throwback day. I was going to go as some incarnation of David Bowie, (Probably Aladdin Sane) but I lacked the materials and ended up as well, myself really. I hadn't had a chance to wear this jacket yet anyway and it's certainly at least a century out of style so it counts ^^ Also, less makeup than normal and having my hair swept back was a weird change from my typical styling.

Tomorrow is crazy blue and white day, but I won't do much more then wear my band shirt (mandatory on Fridays...) because honestly, I don't own any blue (and very little white) and even if I did I would feel uncomfortable and not myself wearing it. Spirit week really is fun though. It gives everyone a chance to show off and be creative. I'm opting out of Homecoming for Halloween Horror Nights this weekend so I'll let you know how that is once I've gone.