Wednesday, October 17, 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge~Day 10: Something You Wore to a Special Event

Well this certainly brings back memories. I've been to a few "special events" recently I suppose, but I don't have any pictures so I'm going with something older. This is the dress I wore to my 9th grade homecoming. I got it the day before the dance for $30 and it still looked a million times better than someone's (who shall not be named. Suffice to say she embodies all of the negative qualities I dislike in people) $400 dress. (And let me just say she didn't get tired of announcing it in every one of her classes...)
I love halter tops and dresses.

This was before I even really cut layers into my hair and I don't know what possessed it to lump up like that on the left. I don't think I styled it like that ^^

I didn't bother going to homecoming this year. It's just too much effort. You have to buy the dress and the ticket and find people to go with... It was fun once, but only for the experience. Dancing is great, but I'd rather put my money towards a new jacket than watch people grind to horrible music.

Just for you suppose marching a parade could be considered a 'special event?' because well, I wore this for a parade we went to in Chicago.

Very flattering I know.

I've just recently started watching Sherlock and Doctor Who (Starting with David Tennant. I'm already in love. I'm going to go back and watch the old ones eventually once I've gotten through him and Matt Smith.) because obviously I needed more fandoms. I'm almost done with Sherlock and then I'll have to wait with everyone else for the new episodes. But until then, I'll have The Doctor!

Well I'm off to study for a math test, so I'll leave you with today's outfit. It was perfect outside for my little blazer  ^^


  1. Ooh we both play saxophone :) didn't know that. The dress for your homecoming is really nice!! xx

    1. Thank you! :) And the oboe is my main instrument. I only play alto sax for marching band. I really like it, but my oboe is my baby ^^