Thursday, October 11, 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 8 + Spirit Week

Day eight is your most expensive piece of clothing. My most expensive item has got to be the leather jacket I bought last summer. It was new and the leather is amazing quality so I think the $200 is justified. The store had lots of different designs and believe me when I say I wanted all of them, but I ended up sticking with the classic moto jacket.

That right there is my 'school has mentally exhausted me' face.
Nearly nonexistent, melted makeup included.

I can't wait to start customizing it. My mom won't let me paint it until I've worn it out a bit. Apparently I shouldn't 'ruin' such a nice new jacket, but I'll at least be able to stick some band pins on there.

This week at my school has been Spirit Week and everyone's been dressing up. It's been pretty awesome actually. If you'd like to see my costumes so far...

Monday was Hero day so obviously I came as a villain. I sort of threw together this Harley Quinn outfit at the last minute. Unfortunately, my hair isn't quite long enough to do her pigtails which would have really completed the outfit. The mask is made entirely out of liquid eyeliner. Let me tell you, that was not fun to get off before marching rehearsal. What I hated about this day was that there were a million Batmans. Batmans everywhere. I would be fine with this if they actually knew something about Batman and weren't just people that jumped on the bandwagon after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight movies. While it was once 'nerdy' to like Batman now it's 'cool', but only if you're referring to the new movies. Don't get me wrong, I love those movies, but I hate how people have latched on to the fandom without bothering to learn about it's past.

Tuesday was sports day so I skipped that. I didn't even entertain the idea of hunting down one of those awful jerseys. Wednesday though, was secret identity day. No one really knew what to do with this one so we improvised. Some really handsome guy was the JOKER. Classic Joker too, not TDK Joker. I spent the nest hour lamenting over the fact that he hadn't dressed up on Monday so I could have had a Mr. J to pretend to latch on to/fawn over/glomp unashamedly. (And also repeating to myself under my breath 'Megan that is not attractive. Megan, it's not attractive' to no avail. Stupid fangirl urges. *sigh*)

I had planned on making a Slenderman costume for this, but I didn't have time to get to the store to finish it (It was so close to being finished too!) I dug around and found the gas mask we bought at Skycraft a long time ago and wore that instead. I guess my secret identity is a time traveling WWI soldier?

I don't wear that jacket too much. I think it's because I have some stupid preconceived notion that because I'm already blond wearing the green makes me look 'not gawth enough'. *shrugs* I've decided to dye my hair black soon, but I'm still going to force myself out of that way of thinking.

Finally, today was Throwback day. I was going to go as some incarnation of David Bowie, (Probably Aladdin Sane) but I lacked the materials and ended up as well, myself really. I hadn't had a chance to wear this jacket yet anyway and it's certainly at least a century out of style so it counts ^^ Also, less makeup than normal and having my hair swept back was a weird change from my typical styling.

Tomorrow is crazy blue and white day, but I won't do much more then wear my band shirt (mandatory on Fridays...) because honestly, I don't own any blue (and very little white) and even if I did I would feel uncomfortable and not myself wearing it. Spirit week really is fun though. It gives everyone a chance to show off and be creative. I'm opting out of Homecoming for Halloween Horror Nights this weekend so I'll let you know how that is once I've gone.

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