Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spooky Ringtones and Exciting News

Well it seems I took a small unintentional hiatus. Actually, looking back I see that this month has been a pretty slow post-wise. You'd think that my being on summer break would mean more time to write, but I've been more busy than ever. Busy and stressed, because trying to get out of Florida has been a hassle (And I'll get back to you on said hassle when it's over and done with).

"Did she say getting out of Florida?"

Why yes I did! I've made my distaste for the Sunshine State clear on many occasions and now our 5-year old plans to move are finally becoming a reality. Of course, I've been broken up about leaving my friends, (another reason I've had less time to write. I have to spend as much time as possible with everyone after all) but I'm extremely excited for the move. And best of all....we're going to Canada! Kelowna specifically. I would much prefer Vancouver, because I'm a city kind of girl, but it's too expensive. Plus, the town is pretty big, beautiful, and I'll be off to university soon enough so I'm not too concerned about where I'll be living for my last 2 years of high school.

 Which leads me to another point. Someone asked me if I was planning on wearing my Scarecrow costume to a convention. If we were staying here it would have been showcased at Megacon, but now I'll be taking a bus down to Vancouver for Fan Expo so if anyone at any point knows they'll be there (slim chance I know, but worth a shot) drop me a line and we can meet up! Of course, it's not till next April, which gives me plenty of time to finish my costume. No updates on the mask this week because I've just done more paper mache and a planned out the rest. I'm hopefully going to finish it over the weekend and then I'll post some pictures.

Now away from the personal stuff and on to the actual post! So we all know we can't be super goth all the time. Some of us have jobs and uniforms and the like, and it's fairly difficult/sometimes just plain exhausting to be uber spooky 24/7. That's where the little things come in. You can decorate your house as you wish, spend your time DIYing or whatever else floats your boat, but I find that sometimes, even smaller things can add a splash of uniqueness in your life. Things such as ringtones! Every time I hear one of those boring, preset ringtones that come with cellphones I can't help but feel a little incredulous. In a world so driven by technology you're bound to hear your phone all the time, so why not make it fun? And there are plenty of options for Goths if you get creative.

Honestly, I couldn't get cheesier with mine. Every time my mom calls I hear the wonderfully campy and fun Addams family theme going off nearby.

You could indulge your love of spooky things and your geeky side if you used the Luigi's Mansion theme song. Unfortunately I couldn't find the original version on Youtube, but here's the remix from Super Smash Bros. I've actually got E. Gadd's ringtone from the new game set for my dad, but you could argue that the original theme is even better.

Or how about Beetlejuice? Don't you dare try to tell me you can go wrong with Beetlejuice! Of course, you can't have the whole song as a ringtone, but you can cut it down to the best part.

Because I love cheesy things and thoroughly enjoy embracing my cliches, I'm also going to suggest Spooky Scary Skeletons for shits and giggles.

Danse Macabre satisfies my appreciation of classical music as well so it's something I'd love to hear all the time.

Those are only a few suggestions that I could come up with off the top of my head. There are countless others. You could always cut part of a favorite song and make that your ringtone. Not to mention, there are hundreds of fun sounds to use as text alerts. Coffin door opening anyone?

I'm afraid I don't have an outfit post for you today because I've been lazy with my picture taking. But now I'm curious. What do you use for ringtones? Fun fact: I've set any unrecognized numbers that call me to play the Sherlock theme....get it? Because it's a 'mystery'? .... I'm a huge dork.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 27: A Hat

 I love hats. Unfortunately, they don't seem to love me back. There's something weird that my bangs do whenever I wear them. I never used to have the problem with sideswept bangs, so I believe its the straight ones I've been sporting for quite some time. There are a few hats that work with my hair, few and far between as they may be, and I picked one up at Macy's a few weeks ago. It's a bit Lydia Deetz inspired (Always a wonderful quality) and it went perfectly with my polka dot scarf. A benefit of helping my mom in the office is that it's cold inside and I don't have to forego things like scarves, or even jackets ^^

Of course, another sort of hat that will always work is a mini top hat! These are arguably my favorite kind of hat because there are so many different variations and they automatically spice up a plain outfit.

I think the veil on this is what makes it such a great hat~

In other news, progress is being made on my Scarecrow costume! (By all means, stop me if you're not interested or else I'm going to continue to give updates) I started with an airsoft mask as a base. I cut out the mouth (which needs to be a bit bigger really), cut off some of the chin, and drilled holes for the string. Then I shaped some upholstery foam to build up the features and now I'm starting to paper mache the foam layers. I need a couple more coats to make it stronger (And more layers to build up the nose, cheeks, and forehead) and then I'll sand it down to the right shape before attaching the burlap.

He looked very silly at this stage

Still silly
BUT I did a test with all the materials and when he looks like this he won't be so silly~

I can tell you, weathering those cheap paint respirators was not fun. I used my brother's model paints, but it took forever. Overall, its been lots of fun, even if it becomes a bit frustrating at times.

See how shiny the spray painted one on the left is?
And the right one looks much more worn in real life

Monday, July 15, 2013

Etsy Feature

 Today's Etsy feature doesn't have a particular theme. I've been cleaning out my desktop and browsing through my old folder of Etsy goodies so I pulled all of these out on a whim. Of course, when I made this folder I didn't say whose creations they were, which irks me because I can't give these wonderful artists credit. So like usual, I can only say if you see something here you like try browsing Etsy using some keywords that seem as if they would uncover said item. I also sincerely hope that most of these still exist on Etsy, and haven't been bought up.

Book purses! I'm almost entirely certain these are still for sale
I still want a capelet very badly

This hair comb is simply gorgeous
Not particularly "spooky" but a piece of jewelry with  your fingerprint is a lovely idea
City tights! I know that these are still available as they're on my wishlist.
This could actually be very handy.
There's the whimsical side of me again. Can I be an elf pretty please?
This net shirt is gorgeous, but I vaguely remember it being expensive...
Not all of our hats have to be black ;)
Steampunky goggles would make a nice head accessory
I actually bought these gloves! They're very nicely made.
Is that a teacup? I believe it is! I must have it.
This doll is adorably creepy

Also, while I'm blatantly spamming you with pictures I've got an outfit post for you. I also forgot to show you the Spiderman plushie I bought at Islands of Adventure! Isn't he simply adorable?

Hunching over to get away from that awful light XD
I attempted a beehivey thing with my hair that day

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 26: A Mismatched Outfit That You'd Never Wear

 Well this (And by that I mean not fun at all) Looking at this picture makes me cringe.

Where to start? First of all, that hoodie is so obnoxiously pink that I seldom wear it unless with copious amounts of black. If I paired it with any of this I would die. Secondly, that tight skirt would look bizarre with such a slouchy hoodie instead of a nice top. That scarf has to be my favorite one, but it's not doing justice to this ensemble. And the flipflops. I don't wear those unless I'm around the house or at the beach (If you can drag me there that is). I don't think you guys will be seeing me in this outfit any time soon!

The outfit I wore yesterday is helping to relieve the pain of looking at that mess up there. It's as basic as I get, but hey, it's summer! It's way too hot for any more layers than this and makeup just runs off your face. I don't care how good your primer is. When the heat index is 103 degrees it aint doing squat.

We went to Islands of Adventure! The ONE redeeming quality of life in Florida is being so close to the theme parks. IOA has always been my favorite (With Universal coming a close second) and last week we decided to make an impromptu trip. We were lucky that it wasn't so crowded because we got to ride all of the rides multiple times AND spent a few hours in the arcade. I could live the rest of my life in an arcade. There aren't many things I like to do better than blow my money on Pacman and arcade shooters. You should have seen all the tickets we had won by the end!

I STILL haven't gotten to ride the Harry Potter ride, much to my dismay. I've been to the Wizarding World three times since it opened, but the line has never been shorter than two hours and I cannot for the life of me make myself wait in line that long for a two minute ride. Hogsmeade is as scenic as ever, though I'd have to say Marvel Island is still my favorite area. If I had to pick one favorite "ride" (not including roller coasters) then the Spiderman ride will always be my favorite. I smile so much as the villains all attack you. It's wonderful. Of course, thematically the wait to Doctor Doom's Fearfall is the best. Doombots everywhere. I didn't get many pictures, but here are a couple I took and a few taken from google images.

Cute lil monster book~
The tm sign in the corner completely broke my immersion.
I burst out laughing and inadvertently ruined the experience of a few tourists.
As far as roller-coasters go I have never been on one more fun than Dueling Dragons.
And that's that! I'm going to have to hold on to the "Big News" I promised until everything is settled and for certain. But for making you wait I'll drop another exciting tidbit. I've fully devoted myself to making a cosplay for the next Con I go to in the future. But not just any cosplay. Scarecrow from Arkham Asylum. It's a doozy, and that gauntlet is going to be the death of me. I also see my money flying out the window. But this is going to be fun! I've already bought a base to build the mask off of, some craft foam, burlap, and a paint respirator so I'll keep you updated.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Recent Artwork

Now I'm not really an aspiring artist, just a (I'd like to think) relatively creative person who channels the soul sucking boredom of math into drawings. It started back in 6th grade when the only thing I could draw was a very questionable looking wolf and a surprisingly symmetrical flower. Gradually, I got better and I'd like to think nowadays, though I'm hardly an expert, I'm also not too shabby.

 Mostly, I stick to fanart because I know what the characters look like and can work with them, but occasionally I get a little spurt of originality. Normally, they're comic/cartoon/anime styled pieces because I'm just not very good at drawing realistic things. Trust me, I've tried. And even thinking about the pain that went into learning how to draw anatomically correct positions....well let's not dwell on that. So over this school year I've amassed a fairly decent pile of math class doodles and thought I ought to share some of my better ones with you guys.

Some of them were drawn with references, some solely from my brain.  A lot of these are actually unfinished, (Still in sketch form) but I normally color with sharpie, and occasionally chalk pastels. 


I'm catching up on Supernatural season 8 and have to say I think it's recovered greatly from the lackluster 7th season. But then again, Crowley is making more appearances, which is always a plus. Point in fact, Mark Sheppard is a fantastic actor and he plays the suave King of Hell wonderfully with his tailored suits and quick retorts. (But seriously, Sheppard seems to appear in everything I watch. Supernatural? Firefly? Doctor Who? I'm sensing a trend here) And how can you not root for a snarky villain who's first question to his adversaries when they pick up the phone is "What are you wearing?" followed by an "I'm sexting you an address,"? I nearly did a spit take at that.

Not to mention he leaves a little demon smiley by his texts...
I've also started Game of Thrones (I caved under the peer pressure) and I'm enjoying it a lot thus far.
As far as blogging goes, I've got an Etsy feature, some movie reviews, and more summer outfit posts headed your way. Also, an exciting piece of information I've been keeping to myself that I suppose you ought to know about ;)