Monday, July 15, 2013

Etsy Feature

 Today's Etsy feature doesn't have a particular theme. I've been cleaning out my desktop and browsing through my old folder of Etsy goodies so I pulled all of these out on a whim. Of course, when I made this folder I didn't say whose creations they were, which irks me because I can't give these wonderful artists credit. So like usual, I can only say if you see something here you like try browsing Etsy using some keywords that seem as if they would uncover said item. I also sincerely hope that most of these still exist on Etsy, and haven't been bought up.

Book purses! I'm almost entirely certain these are still for sale
I still want a capelet very badly

This hair comb is simply gorgeous
Not particularly "spooky" but a piece of jewelry with  your fingerprint is a lovely idea
City tights! I know that these are still available as they're on my wishlist.
This could actually be very handy.
There's the whimsical side of me again. Can I be an elf pretty please?
This net shirt is gorgeous, but I vaguely remember it being expensive...
Not all of our hats have to be black ;)
Steampunky goggles would make a nice head accessory
I actually bought these gloves! They're very nicely made.
Is that a teacup? I believe it is! I must have it.
This doll is adorably creepy

Also, while I'm blatantly spamming you with pictures I've got an outfit post for you. I also forgot to show you the Spiderman plushie I bought at Islands of Adventure! Isn't he simply adorable?

Hunching over to get away from that awful light XD
I attempted a beehivey thing with my hair that day