Saturday, March 16, 2013

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 18 and 19

Day 18 is a piece of jewelry you made.

Well the one piece of actual jewelry I've made broke some months ago and since it wasn't salvageable (The whole choker unraveled) it ended up in the trash... So I'm afraid that while I do some DIY from time to time I don't have any actual jewelry. You've already seen my headbands and scarf so I'm ging to leave this without a picture.

Day 19 is all of your necklaces and bracelets. Let's see... my bracelets are all clumped together in a drawer with any gloves I own. I know, I know, not very organized, but as long as I can find things I'm content.

My necklaces were facing a similar situation until a few weeks ago, but unlike my bracelets I was constantly untangling these and cleaning the tarnish off any silver left in the bathroom. I went and bought a board I could hang them on. It's great because now I can actually keep track of all of them.

And here's yesterday's outfit. I had a bit of trouble sneaking this one past the school administrators because it's jut a tad too short for dress code, but this dress has lain in my closet unused for far too long. I put on a pair of tights and made sure to walk behind them at all times. It's a good thing they're normally wearing blue jackets ^^

And then later we went out to eat so I changed my jacket. The good thing about my almost entirely black closet is that everything always goes together. No matching problems for me! (The only problem I have is when I want to wear my boots with the gold buckles, and therefore can't wear any of my jewelry because it's all silver...)

I love the shoulders on this.
 Now I'm off to listen to David Bowie's new album, which is fantastic in my opinion. Especially considering how it could have turned out. Sometimes when older artists go and make new albums after so many years they turn out less than stellar, but Bowie is still strong and doing his own thing. It's great. There are very few songs on the album that I skip when listening to it and everyone should go give it a listen as soon as possible. I just....I love Bowie so much it's ridiculous.


  1. xxxx little darkling xxxxMarch 17, 2013 at 3:15 AM

    Bowie! <3 <3
    I still haven't listened to that, ashamed with myself!

    LOVE the dress! <3
    I have a uniform :( (blazer, blouse, skirt, all that!)

    I'm actually watching Dr Who!! I've started with 9, and I love it! All the 2005 cgi is so brilliantly dodgy <3

    1. You should listen to it as soon as you can. I don't think you'll be disappointed :)

      Thank you! :D I don't think I'd like having a uniform much. I wouldn't get to wear ll of my clothes ^^" They considered it a few years back, but we escaped.

      Oooooh! That's fantastic! Can't wait until you get to Tennant. He's the best of the new doctors <3 And the effects definitely have their own charm. They're part of what makes the show so great :D

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