Friday, March 29, 2013

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 20: Your Jewelry Box

I've only got ten of these to go! I didn't even think I'd make it this far... (Who am I kidding, it gave me blog post ideas. And I certainly need those. Now I'm going to have to be *gasp* creative.) Anyhoo, this is supposed to be a jewelry box post. Well, I don't really have one of those, because my necklaces are hanging and my bracelets are in a drawer, but I did turn the coffin my stuffed undead bunny came in into something to store my gloves in.

Now I'm going to share some more of my DIY with you. I've recently started painting a bunch of new patches. My dilemma when it comes to patches is that I have about 20 of them but can never decided just what to sew them on to. (The fun part for me is simply making them and I always forget that I need to actually attach them to something hehe) I'm extremely indecisive. They'll eventually make their way onto a few of my jackets and vests, but it'll take a few hours of deliberation. (They have to be placed just right you see XD)

And here are a few assorted outfits of the week. It's been pretty casual lately. I'm on spring break and we've been going places like the fair, where I'd rather not get all dressed up, or shopping, where I'd like be able to get out of my clothes without fighting my whole wardrobe.
The shirt I bleach painted a while back
My new Lip Service shirt. Yay Ebay!

 Pretty standard for me really. So I promise to dress up for Sophistique Noir's April theme ;) I'm really excited about this one (Vintage) so wait for my post on the 1st! 


  1. xxxx little darkling xxxxMarch 30, 2013 at 2:08 PM

    Note to self- bleach a T-shirt!
    And a vintage theme! That sounds cool!

    I do love to comment, I like to give opinions in things!

    New series of Dr Who has started over here!
    There's something in the Wi-Fi....
    Watching Tennant now.

    Happy Easter for tomorrow!

  2. Bleaching things is fun, though it tends to melt paintbrushes XD
    Omg the new Doctor who series starts here in 2 hours and I'm so excited :D
    And happy Easter to you as well :)

  3. I really like the bleach painted shirt!