Saturday, September 28, 2013

15 Songs I've Been Listening To Lately (Non-Goth Version)

With all the time I spent on the road I certainly had time to listen to a lot of music! I want to do a Goth-Friendly version of this too, but I'm going to start of with some of the decidedly 'Not Goth' things I've been listening to over these past couple of weeks. Besides, as far as Goth Music goes we all have a pretty good idea of the bands available to us...doing this playlist first means I might just have a chance of mentioning songs you guys don't already listen to.

These Boots Are Made For Walking- Nancy Sinatra

This one is completely the fault of Austin Powers. We've been killing boredom by watching older comedies on our tiny TV and this song is ridiculously hard to get out of your head.

For Your Entertainment- Adam Lambert

For a multitude of reasons. He was fantastic on American Idol, he's probably the only modern pop artist I listen to, he's attractive and extremely decorative, and to be honest this video is really hot.

Movie Music From Cloud Atlas

The book and movie ripped apart my heart and apparently I'm masochistic enough to continue listening to the music despite the intense sadness that accompanies it... This book is one of my favorites though, and I'll be reviewing the movie at some point. I think the music really did the story justice.

Something in My House- Dead or Alive

If I'm going to be completely honest, I've been listening to Spin me Right Round (Like a Record) just as much as this one, but I'm going to pick the slightly less commercialized one and continue to wonder how Pete Burns was so pretty back in the day.

Windmills of Your Mind- Dusty Springfield

I'm fairly certain I heard this song while watching Breakfast on Pluto (yet another movie I have to review for several reasons). Wherever I heard it, I like to sit around and listen to it when I'm trying to relax.

Me and My Arrow- Harry Nilsson

Well this song is...strange. I'm not even sure why I like it, but I do. I think it's another one I got from Breakfast on Pluto, which has a very quirky soundtrack.

Walking on Air- Kerli

I think this may be the only Kerli song I have on my Ipod. I'm not really a fan of hers. I suppose I could technically put this under the upcoming Goth-friendly playlist, but since the term used around her is typically 'bubble-goth' I think I'll leave it here. I have enough songs for the other playlist as it is.

Teardrop- Massive Attack

This one is completely my dad's fault. He loves House music and other electronic related genres so a few things like Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation have rubbed off on me.

Torch- Soft Cell

I've been listening to Soft Cell a lot in general lately so it took a while to pick just one. Tainted Love while great, has been overplayed to death. This is probably the song I've been listening to most.

All the Same to Me- Anya Marina

I used to listen to this song all the time, even before I got into Goth fashion and music. I hadn't heard it for a couple years, but once it came back on I started listening to it frequently again. I just love her voice.

Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

Yet another sing I picked up from my dad. I still remember him showing me the wacky music video when I was a kid.

The Bottom- Sick Puppies

I really like almost all the songs from this group, especially the ones on the Tri-polar album, but I think The Bottom is one of my favorites. It reminds me of...zombies. Yes definitely zombies.


 Hotel California- The Eagles

I love Classic Rock. I don't have a lot on my Ipod, because it's easy to just turn to a classic rock station and I'll normally like most of what's playing. Hotel California is just one of those songs that I will never stop liking.

Sinful Love- Blue Oyster Cult

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Blue Oyster Cult. They're one of my absolute favorite non-goth bands along with David Bowie and Depeche Mode. I could hardly pick which song to put up here because Agents of Fortune is so fantastic. Tenderloin and Tattoo Vampire were very close contenders.

Well that ended up being a lot more scrolling then I planned for....oops? Well I hope you found at least one song that you liked/haven't already listened to.

As far as my personal life goes, things have been pretty good. We've bought a house so we'll be moving into it in a couple weeks. The downtown area is pretty cool. I've already located the various coffee shops, records stores, and thrift shops, of course. And their library is three stories so I'm still squealing about that. My birthday was a few days ago and I wasn't expecting anything until we got a house, but lo and behold my family is fantastic and they got me an electric guitar. I can't contain my glee and I can't wait to start learning how to play.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 30: Something From Your Favorite Store

 So I may have lied about the quick update. Just a little. Turns out it's really hard to find time to blog in this trailer. Harder than I first expected. I'm still trying to figure out how my school credits transfer, and privacy is extremely hard to come by. Not to mention, my family and the dogs are constantly wanting to do things because they're restless. The good news is that we've bought a new house and we'll (hopefully) be moving into it next Friday.

I'm taking a textiles class! It's great because knowing how to sew is a skill I'll need for my future cosplay endeavors. Before this the extent of my knowledge was how to hand stitch patches on to my vest. Our first project is a hoodie so I'll let you know how that turns out!

Well it seems I'm at the end of the 30 Day Clothing Challenge. It was a lot of fun so I suppose I'll need to find a new challenge to use for filler posts (I can't be creative all the time you know). Looking at the last post, I ought to have used my White House Black Market jacket here. It's not my favorite store, but it ranks up there because it's where I like to look for more dressy items. Instead, I'll just show you this scarf I got from Target right before we left. Target can be considered a favorite store right now, not because of it's quality, but because it gives me a sense of familiarity. Everything here in Kelowna is so new, but when I walk into Target it's like I never left Florida. So it gets points for something.

Tiny trailer bathroom shot!
I need a haircut~
You can see the detail on the scarf better here.
It's all torn up and fluffy

I forgot to mention before I left that I'm planning some cosplays to follow Scarecrow (And I cannot wait to get in a house so I can work on that).  After this one is done I'll be working on a Lady Loki one. Those two, plus a genderbent Joker and Altair, are going to keep me busy for a very long time. So here's Lady Loki's makeup test! It happened a few days before the move and yes this is what I do at 3 in the morning.

Pajamas XD

I played around a lot, but I like the green lipstick (Chapstick and eyeshadow really. I tried too many shades to count). I also, think I'll stick with the green and black eyeshadow.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 29: Something That's Your Favorite Brand

Today I'm bringing you this post from our lovely *cough* travel trailer. It's really not awful, but when you're used to a certain way of living (in a house where you don't bump into everyone trying to get around) it's well, it's a bit cramped. But we made it! Right now we're parked in a farm/RV place in Kelowna (a farm that has apple trees scattered around for me to pick at my leisure) as we look for a house to buy/rent. The trip was an interesting one, considering we decided to drive from Florida to British Columbia, and it took seven days. Suffice to say I'm glad to be out of the car. Some highlights from our trip...
  • My dad tried to take a shower in the trailer and discovered he didn't quite fit. He had to stick his head in the air vent.
  • South Dakota (The Badlands in particular), parts of Wyoming, and Washington are all really pretty. I can't say much about the parts of Minnesota, Iowa, or Illinois we saw, as it was mostly corn. And Georgia was Florida, minus beaches and with more billboards advertising stripper joints.
  • One night this huge RV parked next to us. We named it the Death Star and decided it was here to eliminate all inferior RVs. When it started glowing green in the middle of the night we couldn't stop laughing.
  • I saw Buffalo!
And of course, since every trip has one disasterous moment, this happened to us not 30 minutes from our final destination. We were so. close. Maybe we drove a little too hard?

Luckily, people are extraordinarily nice here and someone stopped to help.

It's really hard to find time to write right now, so I'm going to finish up the last two days of this clothing challenge before I get back to other things. During the trip I've been wearing more or less the same outfit (a pair of cargo pants and a tanktop) so I'll be using any old pictures I can find. I don't actually have a favorite brand per say. I buy most of my items via thrifting or online shopping and there isn't really one brand that sticks out. Of course, I like brands such as Hell Bunny and Lip service, but I can't say either one is my favorite and I think you've seen all of the clothes I own by those brands . However I constantly find things I like at White House Black Market (even if I normally can't afford it) and I was lucky enough to thrift this jacket a few weeks ago.

It's a really lightweight jacket which means I can wear it even when it's a bit warmer. And I'm absolutely in love with the ruffles on the front. They satisfy my love of fancy, frilly things.  I'm wearing it with the new lacy high-to-low skirt I bought the same day, but I didn't get a picture so that will have to wait until next time ^^