Thursday, July 18, 2013

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 27: A Hat

 I love hats. Unfortunately, they don't seem to love me back. There's something weird that my bangs do whenever I wear them. I never used to have the problem with sideswept bangs, so I believe its the straight ones I've been sporting for quite some time. There are a few hats that work with my hair, few and far between as they may be, and I picked one up at Macy's a few weeks ago. It's a bit Lydia Deetz inspired (Always a wonderful quality) and it went perfectly with my polka dot scarf. A benefit of helping my mom in the office is that it's cold inside and I don't have to forego things like scarves, or even jackets ^^

Of course, another sort of hat that will always work is a mini top hat! These are arguably my favorite kind of hat because there are so many different variations and they automatically spice up a plain outfit.

I think the veil on this is what makes it such a great hat~

In other news, progress is being made on my Scarecrow costume! (By all means, stop me if you're not interested or else I'm going to continue to give updates) I started with an airsoft mask as a base. I cut out the mouth (which needs to be a bit bigger really), cut off some of the chin, and drilled holes for the string. Then I shaped some upholstery foam to build up the features and now I'm starting to paper mache the foam layers. I need a couple more coats to make it stronger (And more layers to build up the nose, cheeks, and forehead) and then I'll sand it down to the right shape before attaching the burlap.

He looked very silly at this stage

Still silly
BUT I did a test with all the materials and when he looks like this he won't be so silly~

I can tell you, weathering those cheap paint respirators was not fun. I used my brother's model paints, but it took forever. Overall, its been lots of fun, even if it becomes a bit frustrating at times.

See how shiny the spray painted one on the left is?
And the right one looks much more worn in real life


  1. Those hats looks great and I can confirm that it's the straight fringe, ever since I got mine I have been having the same problems.

    And OH MY GOD, your costume is going to be EPIC! Scarecrow is one of my favourite superhero villains and your attempt in his mask is amazing! Please do keep us updated, I'd love to see more of your progress!

    1. It's good to know its not just me! But I love my straight bangs so I'll just have to make do XD

      Thank you so much! Scarecrow is easily my favorite villain with probably Joker coming in a close second. (I really love Batman) I like a lot of Marvel villains too, like Dr. Doom and Doctor Octopus and Loki, but Batman's rogue gallery remains the best in my opinion. I'll do my best to keep you updated on the costume! Its nice to know people are interested ^^

  2. Wow your mask is awesome so far. I used to cosplay long long time ago... are you going as a group? for a convention?

    1. Thanks! :D This is my first cosplay, but I have a whole list of characters I'd like to start working on for future Cons. I'm not going as a group, (as far as I know) but I'll likely take some friends or my brother. I would go to Megacon here in Florida, but we're likely moving so I have another option lined up. (I'll elaborate more in my next post) Of course, my dream is to attend San Diego Comic Con, but for now I'm sitting at home crying over all the wonderful things I've been missing these past couple of days XD

  3. xxxx little darkling xxxxJuly 19, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    Love the hats! They're great!
    I love hats too, but have the fringe problem. I have found that hats that sit further back on the head work best for me.
    Of course, that does not at all stop me from wearing a black hat with ear flaps, red and black pompoms that reach past my shoulders and sparkly devil horns in colder months. It's great for walking in- other hikers stop and stare at the horned figure in the mist ahead. XD

    That mask is amazing! Your costume will be AMAZING! Keep us all updated- I'm dying to see more!

    1. Exactly! I tend to push my hat a bit farther back to partly resolve the problem. It's irritating because I love hats, but I won't give up my straight bangs XD Also, your hat sounds like a lot of fun >:D
      Thank you! I'll be sure to post pictures as I make progress :D

  4. Those hats are really great ^^ I only have one hat at the moment, but it's gotten me inspired and I really want to add some more to my wardrobe :) Also, that mask is going to be really cool when it's finished, I reckon.

    1. Thank you! ^^ I love hats and don't have nearly enough...
      And I can't wait to get this mask finished XD