Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Avengers Rant (AKA diving into Loki's psychology) + 30 Day Clothing Challenge: Day 7

Well yesterday was interesting. I spent the entire afternoon trying to get a chance to sit down and watch The Avengers, (And the gag reel!) but I was interrupted so many times in the first 30 minutes to do other things that I just gave up. I spent the rest of the time before dinner shamelessly trying to get Cleverbot to believe it's Loki and learn to ship Loki/Tony Stark. What can I say? I'm most certainly not immune to fangirl urges and Loki seems to bring it out full force...I have a bad habit of violently defending his actions whenever one of my classmates insults him for being 'evil'. I'm going to nerd out for a second so if you have no interest whatsoever in The Avengers and won't care about my rant then you can skip the next few paragraphs and get on to the outfit ^^

So Loki. I love how tragic he is as a character. I'm not defending or justifying his actions, (Some of them were pretty atrocious.) but I am full of love and sympathy for this character. Here's why. (I'm going to pull a bit from the comics and Norse mythology, not just the movie.) All of the other gods hated him, or at least barely tolerated him, even as a child. He was always in Thor's shadow, desperately trying to live up to Odin's expectations, and he really didn't fit in. When all the 'warriors' were learning to do uber-macho things, (like how to chop peoples' heads off) he was learning magic and they considered him weak for it. (It's not like he's an extremely skilled sorcerer or anything...)

 He was mischievous and manipulative sure, but not inherently evil and they punished him for following his nature (Hello? God of mischief and tricks?) They sewed his lips shut. They dripped serpent's venom on him for years. They took away his children because they might possibly bring about the end of the world. They bound him with one of his children's entrails. Then to top it all off, he finds out that he's was adopted. Rejected by his real father because he was too small for a frost giant. He discovers that his whole life is a lie, that he's one of the 'monsters' he was raised to hate. After all of that suffering, don't you think his little temper tantrum is at least a little understandable?  I mean, that's what the whole 'rule the humans thing' was. A godly temper tantrum used by others to their advantage.
I mean, he could never be good. He's the God of Lies after all. But circumstances and the way everyone treated him are what made him into a monster. (And yes, I do give everyone this speech when they ask why I like Loki so much. It's much more effective than saying how attractive I consider Tom Hiddleston or that his voice makes me melt. Hehe.) *shrugs* I tend to latch on to characters when I read or watch things. The little part of me that wishes to live in a fantasy world demands it. Not to mention, the character's I latch on to are normally great for psychology or English projects.

*End Nerd Moment.

Well then. *cough* Now that I've used up a fair amount of space on that I should get on to the actual challenge shouldn't I? Day seven is supposed to be a cute outfit of mine, so here you go!

The dress is something I got off of Ebay for about $50. You can't see the bottom, but it has about 3 layers and is really fluffy. The choker was something I had made out of lace and a corseted ribbon, but unfortunately it broke the other day and I have to make a new one.

I really wish I had another bolero. This one is great, but I use it way too much for my liking. It's useful because I can't have uncovered shoulders in school and the short sleeves keep me from getting too hot. However, it would be nice to have one or two more to give me options, as I'm not too big on cardigans.


  1. I like the dress! Ebay is so kick ass for cheap clothes. ^^;

    1. I know! I like to browse the section for Demonia boots every couple of days. Sometimes you can find pairs for $30! Of course, it's never when I have money >.<