Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Goth Is Finally Invading My Room

School has been a nightmare lately let me tell you. I've got a bunch of posts planned for the near future, if I can work around finishing my cosplay, and writing these essays my new teachers are fond of giving out. As far as recent news goes however, I'm happy to announce that I've finally gotten to decorate my new room! It's looking exactly as I envisioned it, though there's still a bit to go.

The black wall is going to be my poster covered one, once I get more.
My lovely Pinhead poster is hidden by the glare...
And my Black Knight is all by himself in the corner because he was too big.
I'm a geek and I am extremely proud of my instruction-less bionicle ok?
That big one took hours of collaboration with my friend ^^"
Brand new closet!

I love the purple color of the walls. It's even better in person. Also, I'm really glad we tore up the carpet and put in wood. The grey-ish color is perfect. Now I need to go get myself a table/desk, a shelf for my little knickknacks, and a rack for my record player and speakers. I think I'll also get some black and grey curtains to hang over my window and I have an ornate mirror to hang up. Unfortunately, I'll only get to have this room for a little more than a year, since I'll be off to university, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

How about you guys? What would your perfect room be like, if you could do anything that struck your fancy?