Sunday, April 1, 2012

Feeling Thrifty

When people hear the words "thrift store" there's generally two reactions. There are people like my mom, who shudder at the thought and completely refuse to consider shopping there. And then the people like my dad, who jump at the chance to find something interesting. Honestly, I love the fact that you can find so many unique pieces in thrift stores. I mean, please don't go to the smelly, crowded little shop with the moth eaten clothes. You probably won't find anything there. Seriously. 

But then there are places like Dechoes in Orlando. Extremely 80s and filled with clothing either completely hideous or absolutely amazing. I could spend hours in there going through every single piece of clothing they have. (My dad certainly wouldn't complain. They have a DJ playing music and he gets free drinks.) This shop is the right kind of thrift/vintage store. It's affordable and you're guaranteed to find something you like there.

And here's what I found while digging around yesterday...
A fabulous tartan skirt~ $7
and an amazing jacket~ $5
please excuse the boxes....we're renovating...
my house doesn't exactly resemble a house at the moment.

I also managed to find this pretty flowy skirt with a gorgeous lace detail but I need to get a hold of some black dye. White isn't exactly my color...

Some tips for thrift shopping

1) If you know what you're looking for you'll have a much easier time. A good store will have their merchandise sorted by type and size, maybe even color. Having a plan will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the sea of clothes.

2) Don't feel limited by the color of the clothing or a minor flaw. There's always dye (granted, make sure the fabric can be dyed) and to fix a small tear you don't have to be adept at sewing. Ugly adornments can be easily removed and zippers can be replaced.

3) Don't just shop in the size you normally are. Clothes vary. Especially vintage ones. I'm a small sometimes and sometimes I'm an extra large. 

4) Try everything on. Even if you only like it a little. You never know what might surprise you. I've tried several things on I wasn't sure about on the rack and ended up loving them on. 

5) Bring a someone with you. Sometimes a second opinion is nice to have. You don't want to end up buying something you thought you liked only to hate it when you get home and try it on again.

I hope that helps. Now get out there and shop.

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