Monday, April 2, 2012

Of Musical things

Ok so first of all....Eep! I have a follower! This news just brightened a considerably crappy day. With the whole getting up before the sun and whatnot, and then having to endure a particularly confusing math class, (which should be wiped from the face of this EARTH) my mysterious headache has just disappeared. I should probably wipe this grin off my face before my brother walks by and asks what's wrong with me. But seriously, thank you :)

Anyhoo lately I've been going through the slow process of sorting and listening to all the bands on my ever-growing list of music. A few hours work and its not looking any smaller than when I started. BUT I did realize that when I had started listening to Stolen Babies way back when (and by that I mean a few months ago) I hadn't finished going through their music because I had been interrupted.

 I quickly corrected that mistake. Could you argue that their music is goth? Yes, definitely. But you could do that with lots of "goth" bands. And come on, some of the so called "goth" bands have been trying to reject the label for ages. Also, I'm not one of those overeager people who limit themselves to only liking extremely gawth things.  Honestly, while I think they tend to flow over several genres the thing that catches me with this band is the dark cabaret influence. I LOVE dark cabaret.

So while I'm sure many people have heard of / listen to them here's the first song I ever discovered by them. Its still one of my favorites :)

On the subject of musicians I was creeping on Voltaire (something I tend to do a lot...) and to quote from his Facebook he's been

"offered the opportunity to audition for the lead role in a remake of my favorite horror movie."

Unfortunately he can't tell us more at the moment but this makes me pretty happy. Voltaire in a movie? I think he'd be amazing :D 

And finally, I thought I'd share my most recent Etsy purchase. I bought this lovely choker from scarletrabbit and I'm looking forward to wearing it :)


  1. Do you listen to Creature Feature? They seem like they'd be right up your alley. ;)

    1. I looooove Creature Feature actually :D