Monday, May 21, 2012

Quick Dark Shadows Review


I could really just leave it at that, but you deserve a bit more elaboration. ^^

It's been getting average reviews but don't let that put you off, I thought it was pretty good. Was it new? Revolutionary? No, but it was another psychotic trip into the craziness that is Burton's mind. A lot of people are sick of Johnny Depp playing the pasty-faced, quirky character, (Do I even remember what Johnny Depp looks like without makeup..?) but I think he brought new life and character to Barnabas Collins. No, its nothing like the original. At all. However if you keep an open mind I think you'll find the film enjoyable.

The movie had me cracking up in that whole "This is so awkward I can't help but laugh and hide my face in my hands" kind of way. And they kept the best parts out of the previews that's for sure. It just goes to show you can't judge a movie by what they advertize. I especially loved the Alice Cooper shtick. And how many of you honestly kept a straight face when Barnabas hypnotized someone? Seriously, the fingers! (I CAN'T believe I couldn't find a gif for that...)

There were a few parts they could have left out. Like Carolyn's "problem". I didn't think that added anything to the movie really. And sometimes instead of going for campy humor they could have given a scene a darker undertone.  They never really found the right balance and it frustrated me because this didn't quite live up to its amazing potential. But they really were pulling out all the stops with fun cliches.

I also really liked the wardrobe choices.

This dress. I want this dress. While we're at it I'll take the necklace too.

How many people searched for Barnabas' cane after watching the old series or movie? I fell prey to the urge and frantically googled only to find that replicas are $400. Oops. Dream crushed. Brb, crying. T.T

All in all, it isn't particularly creative for Tim Burton, and the second half is a bit disjointed and pales compared to the first, but if you have some time to kill I suggest you pop on down to the closest theater and give it a go.  I think its worth seeing and Depp is a riot.

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