Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Books

I got new books! This is always an occasion for sharing :3

We'll start with the most known one. Cassandra Clare's books have been spreading with widespread popularity lately. This is the second book in her Infernal Devices series. I've been meaning to get this for a while actually and I devoured it in one sitting. While I think The Infernal Devices series is a bit too similar to The Mortal Instruments I actually prefer it.

Reasons to read this:
  • Tessa and Will seem to spout literary references left and right
  • There are little snippets of poetry at the start of each chapter
  • 18th century London. Need I go on?
  • Tessa's two love interests (Of course...) are both charming in their own ways (though my heart goes out to Will)
  • There are nods to steampunk EVERYWHERE.

If you haven't read the Vampire Chronicles then shame on you!  I'm taking your goth card right now. Hand it over. ;)
No but seriously, Anne Rice is a genius. When I first read Interview with the Vampire way back when, (that means I can't actually remember when) I fell in love. Poor younger me was scarred for life when she read The Vampire Armand and learned a few things.

Reasons to read this:
  • Lestat is charming as usual .
  •  Listening to him describe his outfits makes you want to start desperately searching the interwebz for said items. (The Lady of the Manners said something like this on her livejournal and I just spazzed out in agreement...)
  • We get to see a *ahem* different side of Lestat. I find the time spent in his predicament awkward every single time I read it but I do love it.
  • Beautiful writing. I'll admit sometimes I scrunch up my nose at some of the things described (Ahhh I would elaborate, but I don't want to give anything away just in case...), but her style is captivating.

After rereading Silence of the Lambs I remembered just how much I love these books and bought Hannibal. It's...this is one of those books that really sucks me in. I think its a million times better than the first and will stand by that no matter what other people think. Its just...I don't even know...

I have a confession to make. As amazing the acting was by Anthony Hopkins in these movies I hate him in the role. I'm not putting down his performance, its just that my fixed image of Lecter (Lithe, sleek black hair, etc.) just clashes so much with Hopkins. He was really 15 years too old for the part when he played him, thus exaggerating the age difference between Lecter and Starling more than it was, and causing them to change the end of the movie from the book. I'm sorry, I want the Cannibal and FBI agent together. I can't help that I'm twisted.

Reasons to read:
  •  Hannibal Lecter. That's it really. That's all you need to read this. 
  •  Its far more disturbing than the first book I think. It gave me chills, in a very good way.
  •  Not everything is black and white in the whole good vs. evil struggle.
  •  The conversations, psychoanalyzing, and banter between Clarice and Lecter bring up some thought-provoking points.

World Goth Day is coming up! What's everyone doing? 

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