Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ah...The Sweet Smell of Formaldehyde in the Morning

Yes, you did read that right. I'll get to the explaining later. First...

New Hair!!
I was running around the house frantically a few minutes ago, trying to find the place with the best light for my laptop. It ended up being my kitchen...XD So its not quite white, but it is really really light. I could get it white if I bleached it, but I'd prefer not to damage my hair so I'm fine with this for now. We'll see about later on.

Not my most attractive angle...

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? I can say its nice to have the hair off the back of my neck now that its summer. (It gets shorter in the back) I won't be dying in the heat and I have a lot of hair so cutting it off of lifted some of the weight off my shoulders. Literally.

I should probably elaborate on the formaldehyde now shouldn't I? Well when my Biology teacher said we weren't dissecting anything this year I was semi-depressed. I find stuff like that fascinating and still consider Medical Examiner as a possible job option.

So when my friend said that her class was dissecting pigs I had a little spazz moment and then dragged her off to ask my teacher if I could help.

He was like this.

But then he decided it was best to let the strange girl be on her way. (Actually he's the coolest teacher I've ever had in my life, and waved me off imperiously.)

I'll spare you the pictures because I'm not sure if anyone wants to see a pig's brain...however it was certainly a learning experience. Unfortunately, the smell of the formaldehyde and other chemicals used to preserve the pigs still hasn't come out of my skin and clothes. *shudder* I hate that smell. The actual dissection process doesn't bother me one bit but I can never get used to the awful odor.

There's an intense vlogging movement going on right now isn't there? I've enjoyed being able to place voices to many of my favorite bloggers. I don't think I'll be joining...I'm too awkward to talk to you guys in person (Well, recording. Same thing.) Not to mention I wouldn't really have time to do it with the family running around the house all the time.

But who knows? Maybe in a few months I'll gather up the courage and jump on the bandwagon :)

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  1. The hair looks great.:) I had a Forensics class last semester, and we also dissected pigs. Everyone in my group was too grossed out to do anything, and they just assumed that I would do most of the dissecting...and I did. sigh. The smell was horrible.