Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Walking Dead

I'm sick. Lovely. If you were hoping for a post on Zombies I'm sorry ^^ The title actually represents how I feel right now. When you've got chills in 85 degree weather you know you're sick. Not to mention in that little bit I just wrote, there were a million typos I had to go fix because of my tired, clumsy fingers.

I really hope I can go to school tomorrow. Normally, I wouldn't really care either way, but we have EOC testing this week. Just my luck right? However, the good thing about being sick means I sit on the computer all day and have time to find all of you amusing things!

Like this wonderful classification of vampires :3

Amazing isn't it? I figured I should at least give one nod to the little undead theme I mislead you about. Hehehe.  I was going to do an educated post on trad goth bands or Deathrock or something of the kind for those new to the subculture, but right now my brain is mush, so that post will be coming sometime in the future when I can actually think again. As for today, I just have more entertaining pictures for you.

This unfortunately made me laugh, causing an immense coughing fit.
Brain~ Note to self: When sick, do not laugh. Ever.
Self~ But, but...

I feel compelled to inform you that I have have a GIANT slight, minor, tiny obsession with the Cure. If I had my way they would rule the world and eliminate the inferior musicians from the face of the earth. (Doesn't that sound fun?) So really this was all it took to cheer me up. From now on I will bookmark this picture and look at it whenever I'm having a bad day. It has magical healing properties.

*Blinks. Squees. Falls over*

I'm going to retreat to my bed now, and hopefully sleep off the plague.

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