Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gay Marriage Mini-rant

Well I'm about half a month late with this but no one else had brought it up so I figured why not? North Carolina recently placed a ban on same-sex marriages, making 30 states in total that will not recognize it. I honestly consider this an outrage. I have several gay friends and if any if them wanted to get married to the person they love then why the hell not?

It bothers me how narrow minded people are as much as I've come to expect it. Love is love and gender should be of absolutely no consequence to marriage. The surprising thing about the vote was that when a poll was taken on peoples' opinions on same-sex relationships, two-thirds of them supported some sort of legal recognition for the couples. And yet, the ban passed.

This is one instance in which I really dislike organized religion. I have absolutely nothing against people's beliefs and I think religion can be a beautiful thing, but when people begin to interpret things to suit themselves it pisses me off. The bible does not have to be against gay relationships, it doesn't have to be interpreted that way. People assume that it should be, and that makes it rather unfortunate that there are so many Christians of the close-minded variety living there.

It made my day when Obama stepped up to publicly say he supports same-sex marriages. Go Mr. President! Be controversial! (I really do hope he gets re-elected. I think he's good for the country.)

Of course everything I just said is entirely my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. I just had to get that off my chest ^^


  1. I agree with you about gay marriage being legal. These people haven't heard of separation of church and state apparently. As for president Obama, I believe his statement was just another political ploy to get re-elected considering he's "changed his views" so many times. I have a hard time trusting politicians. :/ Sorry about the small rant. Either way, I'd still rather Obama get re-elected than have Shit Romney in office. haha

    1. I considered that possibility and while there's a large chance it could have been a ploy I think he could have lost some voters with that statement too. *shrugs* It could go either way. It's a gamble. I don't like politics at all. It brings massive headaches. ^^

      However, I DO know how horrible it would be to have Romney as president *shudders* and I don't think Obama has been as bad for the country as everyone claims. It's my opinion that everyone always needs something to complain about and presidents are seldom liked until they're actually out of office XD (Of course there are exceptions)