Monday, June 25, 2012

Liebster Award

OddGhoulOut over at Bats in the Belfry, Cats in the Attic nominated me for another award! Thank you so much!

The Rules:

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
  • Create 11 questions the tagger has set for you.
  • Choose 11 people and link back to them.
  • No tag backs.

Things About Me

1) I'm Swedish. Actually right now I'm packing for a vacation there. We're going to have a bunch of fun, but I won't get to my laptop for a few weeks. So not many posts in the near future. Sorry!

2) I literally read a new book a day if I can. I am that obsessed with literature.

3) I can spend hours on just browsing through my favorite fandoms.

4) My first movie crush was in elementary school. It was David Bowie in the Labyrinth. (And I didn't even know who he was ^^)

5) Recently I've fallen in love with Tahno in the Legend of Korra. He only appeared in 2 1/2 episodes and I'm hoping they bring him back.

5) Before I disovered Edgar Allen Poe my favorite poem was Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.

6) When we went to North Carolina on vacation I jumped off a waterfall.

7) I'll play video games for 15 + hours straight just to try and beat them.

8) I spend hours on Tumblr searching things like "Lestat" and "Dave Vanian".

9) I have a list of things to name my future cats which include Draco, Myrnin, Meowiarty, Sorrel, Gerard, and Atticus.

10) I have the stupid insecurity of not being goth enough that sometimes creeps up on me despite knowing how stupid it is.

11) I want to get my lip pierced, but my parents refuse so we've compromised on my nose.


Favorite Movie? Gypsy 83 or Interview With The Vampire.

Are you on Tumblr? Yes. Well no. It's complicated. I stalk people on there but I don't do anything else.

Cats or Dogs? Cats, definitely.

Do you find bats cute? YES.

Favorite cosmetics brand? I jump around. I don't really have a favorite. Just as long as it's not animal tested.

A word you use way too often? Amazing, definitely, obscene, ridiculous. Also, the phrase "and all that jazz" *facepalm*

Favorite season? Winter! It means I can make use of my jacket collection.

Favorite non-goth band? David Bowie or My Chemical Romance.

Current celebrity crush? Oooh this is tough. To list a few...Gerard Way, Ian Somerhalder, Robert Downie Jr., Ben Barnes in Dorian Gray, Tom cruise as Lestat, Johnny Depp, and no matter how old they get Robert Smith and Dave Vanian will remain my eternal crushes. (70s Dave...Oh dear...)

Biggest Fear? Responsibility. Not knowing what I'll do with my life.

Favorite Author? I don't have favorite authors really. I have favorite books. However I'll go with Oscar Wilde, Anne Rice, Tamora Pierce, Thomas Harris, and Patricia Cornwell.

My questions

1) Biggest inspiration?

2) Favorite book?

3) Places you'd like to visit?

4) Fictional crush?

5) Favorite item of clothing?

6) Favorite song?

7) Something you can't wait for?

8) Biggest fear?

9) Something you can't live without?

10) Pet peeves?

11) Plans for the future?

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Now I'm off to announce to all of these lovely people that I've nominated them! I always hate doing that. I feel like a spammer ^^


  1. Aw thanks for nominating me! :') and OMG yesss, David Bowie in Labyrinth! <3 I thought it was just me who though he was hawt in that ;) such a weird film though lol xx

    1. You're welcome! I really like your blog :) and yeah... He's weirdly attractive ;)

  2. I feel so stupid! I forgot to ask my own questions for the tag. I had them written down and everything. haha oh well.

  3. The Labyrinth?
    It's a good movie. Exept I was always wondering if David Bowie's hairstyle was made that way on purpose or the result of living with goblins and having to take care of a baby. I mean, if I babysit a child even for a few hours my hair begins to look kind of like that. Oh well, poor Goblin King.

    1. I never thought about it like that, but it makes a weird kind of sense... My hair looks a bit like that in the morning ^^ And that movie is one of my favorite things about my childhood. David Bowie is kind of one of my idols/ celebrity crushes XD

  4. Awww thanks for the tag hun! I'm going to try to get to this as soon as I can. :)
    I used to have a job where I had a lot of downtime and was able to read fanfiction. I miss that. :(

    1. You're very welcome! :D And I'm sorry to hear you can't take the time to read it anymore! You see, when I latch on to a fandom of some sort and run out of things to watch/read I spend hours browsing the fanfiction archives to get my fix. I'm not sure I'd survive without it ^^