Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY headbands~ Bat and Eyes

Want a cute, easy, little DIY project? I realized I needed some more hair accessories. (And hats. I desperately need hats.) So I stopped by Joanns, grabbed a couple plain black headbands, and a few other things.

Result #1 ~ Bat headband

You've probably seen this tutorial on another blog, (I can't quite remember where...) but here's the general rundown.

1) Cut a triangle out of leather (Or another stiff fabric. I used black felt.)

2) Shape the triangle like a bat

3) Gather the center with a needle and thread so it looks like a bow.

4) Hot glue the bat to your headband.

5) Take another strip of the fabric and wind it around the middle of the bow.


Result #2 ~ Eyeball headband

Ok, this one is pretty self explanatory. Headband+hot glue+googly eyes= eyeball headband. I love it because it's silly and cute. I used three different sizes of eyes, but you can choose whichever type you like best.

Now go make some cute headbands!


  1. I needed cat woman ears. I think I've found my solution! Thanks