Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red and Black Week Day 4~ Blazer and Tie

We're about halfway through with Red and Black Week and I think I might just make it to the end! This posting every single day thing is kind of new to me, but it's pretty fun. I'm not neglecting my study time. Anyway, Dad had a million ties in his closet that he never used. We donated most of them to a guy trying to collect nice clothes so that kids and teenagers who have to show up in court (for whatever reason) can look respectable. I was able to keep a couple and spent yesterday afternoon figuring out how to tie them ^^

I love this one so much <3

I can still wear a blazer to school because the classrooms are colder than Antarctica. (I'm fairly sure they only keep it so cold to keep us awake.) However, after lunch I had to take my lovely jacket off. The AC in the entire school building had gone out. I would have melted into an unrecognizable puddle.

The blazer was a thrift store find that I showcased early on this blog. The tie I stole from Dad is really nice, probably $50. (Far to much money to spend on a tie And apparently he had more expensive ones...yeesh. This is me speaking from a high school budget.) The skirt was $10 at Ross. I wish I had a petticoat to make it even poofier.

Here you can see the pattern of the tie. It's actually a darker red than in this picture, with silver rings over a checkered pattern.

In the spirit of the event I chose to watch a movie with some lovely theme appropriate artwork. V for Vendetta.

This movie...I love it. I've never read the comics so I can't say how close it comes to the original plotline, but I still think it's a movie worth watching. I can tell you when I found out Hugo Weaving was the guy behind the mask (I really don't pay attention) I was like "...Agent Smith??" and then "Elrond??" Considering we never see his face it came as a complete shock.

This movie isn't groundbreaking, but it is really good and thought-provoking. Plus, there's that perpetually smiling Guy Fawkes mask.

That grin is seriously catching ^^


  1. Your look is so nice with the tie and the safety pins on your blazer! Love it

  2. I loved that movie so much. Now I have to watch it again, once Red & Black Week is over and I have free time again. ;)

    Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere; even Dad's closet. :) That tie looks very cute on you! And good for your dad for donating the others to such a good cause. Tell him I think it was a wonderful thing to do!

    1. I really want to read the comics to do a comparison because I loved the movie so much :)

      Will do! and thank you ^^