Monday, June 4, 2012

Red and Black Week Day 2~ Beaded Choker


Here's my first official outfit for Red and Black week! I'm afraid there's not much red because this morning I got dressed to the nines, only to remember that my first final was today and we would be working with chemicals in science...I wasn't about to ruin my perfect ensemble! So I switched out in a hurry but still managed to incorporate a bit of red. (My nails help!)

Where's the red you ask?

There it is!

I love this bead choker to pieces. I bought it when we visited one of the springs for a swim. They had a cute little store off to the side. I thought I lost it when we went to Canada last summer. Apparently I had left it in the hotel, so my parents decided to keep it away from me for a while to make me think I had lost it. (As a little well-deserved punishment. They did ask me to make sure I had everything.) Except they forgot about it for a year or so and we only recently rediscovered it while cleaning...I was certainly surprised!

The blouse is a recent thrift shop find. When paired with my Victorian/pirate/Robin Hood style boots it got me the comment "You look all gothic country today" which after much contemplation I decided to take as a strange compliment. (Though not a terribly true one...)

My eyeshadow was also black and red, but any attempts to take a picture ended in complete failure. Maybe some other time ^^


  1. That's adorable! Your parents sure know how to teach a lesson, don't they? ;)