Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spooky Computer Games Round 1

I'm in Sweden! Yay! Which means I won't have as much time to post or respond to comments as I usually do for about 3 weeks or so. But I'll have some shorter posts popping up here and there.

I spend far too much time on the computer Far too much time. However, one of the benefits of this is discovering new games. Dark/cute-creepy/horror-ish games involving the supernatural type games!

1) The Binding of Isaac

This is a bit of an obvious choice considering how popular it's gotten lately. Isaac's mom 'hears the voice of God' demanding she sacrifice him to prove her devotion. When she goes to obey, Isaac escapes into the basement. He has to face enemies, lost siblings, his fears, and eventually his mother in order to come out alive. It's an RPG that's randomly generated and as you go through the levels you obtain objects that give Isaac strange powers. The full game is $5, but you can play a demo here.

2) Impale.

It's exactly what it sounds and looks like. You sling zombies and try to impale them on all the sharp surfaces. Hey, I'm a sucker for zombie games and it's a time killer. Here you go.

3) Deady mini-game

Voltaire collaborates with AQworlds a lot. So they got together and brought you a deady mini-game! I personally think it's a bit easy...but it's got an animated story! And Voltaire's 'When You're Evil' plays in the backround.

4) The Unfair Platformer.


Ok, so this one's not spooky at all. Doom Mountain and a few jello-like alien blobs are about as much as we get. And spikes. Lots of spikes. However, this game is one of my favorite things of all time so I had to add it! It's a straightforward platformer....well if you don't mind that nothing is fair and they trick you about a million times.

5) Doom Cauldron

I saved the best for last. Seriously, it's beyond entertaining. The guy had one day to put a game together and he used props and costumes from around his house. It's full of bad puns that make me giggle. Basically, you throw stuff in a cauldron and try to make stuff, your end goal being a doom knight.

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