Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An Alternative Christmas Playlist

Holiday tunes are wonderful for about the first week, and after that I want to claw my ears out. I swear if I hear Michael Buble's 'Santa Buddy' one more time someone is going to suffer. But have no fear! You can always throw a few of these songs in with the classics to break up the monotony. Christmas is well under way for most of us, so time to pop in some tunes and get to the festivities.

London After Midnight- The Christmas Song

The Kinks- Father Christmas

Alien Sex Fiend- Stuff the Turkey

H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society- Do You Fear What I Fear?

The Who- Christmas

This Ascension- Carol of the Bells

Inkubus Sukubus- Hail the Holly King

Faith and The Muse- A Winter Wassail

Cruxshadows- Happy Xmas ( War is Over)

Voltaire- Peace in the Holy Land

Rhea's Obsession- We Three Kings

Dead Rose Symphony- Bell Carol

Nox Arcana- Coventry Carol

Happy Holidays!


  1. Nice selection. I've always searched frantically for alternative christmas songs and always come up with the same old things. I guess I don't know what to look for. :P