Thursday, May 16, 2013

Outfit Dump (Hey look, I'm a Zombie!)

I've been dressing out of a suitcase six weeks today, and somehow I've managed to make it work. I had a bunch of outfit pictures lying around, so I figured I'd compile them all into one big post. You know, I've noticed a trend around here. Nose piercings are a dime a dozen. It's bizarre. It seems like it's sort of the 'thing to have'. On one hand it's nice to see that people don't care. On the other, I feel like now I want to get a couple new additions more than ever. The primary reason I like piercings is for their aesthetic value, but it's also nice to break some societal norms and be different once in a while isn't it? Unfortunately, the lip ring I've wanted for years isn't happening until I move out, but I'm going to start getting a bunch of rings on the ear where my hair is short.

New tie from Goodwill~
New tights from Target~
My beloved Lip Service shirt~

I bought this dress at H&M a few months back.
One of my absolute favorite jackets from Trash and Vaudville
The shoulders are fabulous
Beautiful bathroom shot from my new school.
Also, I may or may not have gone on a Zombie Walk with some friends.
I didn't get any pictures which did this justice, but I was rather proud of it.
I've got another new jacket from Trash and Vaudeville that I completely forgot to take a picture of so I'll need to remedy that soon. Since this is a picture post I might as well drop a couple of drawings I've done of Cecil. I really need to start working on some Carlos sketches. If you're not currently listening to Welcome to Nightvale, you need to be. It's brilliant.

I subscribe to the white haired, third eyed, tentacled Cecil with glasses.
Because he's adorable.
Hiding from Management. Poor baby.
Sorry I don't have anything more substantial for you. I think I'll start writing some Halloween related posts soon. That time of year is upon us once more ;)

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