Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beat The Heat

Summer's here again. If you'll excuse  me, I'm going to go hide in the closet for a few months until the sun lets up a little. While everyone else is getting ready to go to the beach. (With all that saltwater...and sand...and tanning...) I'm looking to buy a parasol and trying to figure out how to best ration my food so I don't have to leave the house unless necessary. With the dreaded Daystar looming overhead I'm starting to think some very familiar thoughts. Thoughts like...
  • How badly has my makeup melted?
  • How long can I wear my fishnet shirt before I get the dreaded waffle burn?
  • I stepped outside, is my hair wilting yet?
  • Oh God, is that a tan I spot?
  • Can I get away with sunglasses at school, or will the administrators think I'm high?
  • Will they take away a parasol?
  • If I go running now, will my mom be able to find and identify which puddle was me later on?
  • If it's so humid all the time, why can't we breathe underwater yet?
And of course, I can play some familiar games like Spot the Tourist. But I digress. The point is, with summer here again, how can we black-clad darklings survive the season? Here are a few things that could ensure your survival through the coming months.
  • The first one is ridiculously simple. Stay out of the sun. That seems rather obvious, but it deserves saying. If there's shade, walk in it. If you want to go somewhere, maybe schedule for a cloudy day. And if you do venture out of the shade, make sure you're wearing sunscreen! Sunburn is a nuisance, and a painful one at that.
  • Hats! Hats are fantastic. They can make a great addition to an outfit while keeping the sun off of your face. And as wonderful as mini hats are, they're not going to do much. We're talking wide brimmed Lydia Deetz inspired things here. I seem to have gotten rid of most of my hats over the years, so it's time to buy a few new ones.
  • Parasols! It's time to whip out those beautiful, frilly, lace covered parasols. I don't own one, but that seriously needs to change. Of course, you're bound to garner a few more stares toting around a parasol, but since when has that bothered us? 

    •  So maybe wearing black tights under your skirt or shorts shows your devotion and willingness to suffer heat stroke for your scene, but let's not go overboard ok? Dying is probably not on your list of things to do this summer. Swap those solid tights for a pair of fishnets or lace. Just make sure you put some sunscreen on unless you'd like some interesting tan lines.

    • Unfortunately, It's probably time to put away the boots. Some days you can probably get away with them, but more often than not it's wiser to invest in a nice pair of sandals. I've worn down the heels of most of mine so I'm in a tough spot. (I've been needing to get them fixed for ages...) I find that strappy ones are the best sandals for adding interest to an outfit, while keeping your feet from melting off.

    These Steve Maddens are my absolute favorite~

    • Wear white! No seriously, during the summer it's a great idea to rock the ice/ghost goth vibe. Don't you dare tell me that you can't make white look oh-so-spooky if you really want to. No one's going to take you goth card just because you decided it would be nice to not melt on a particularly hot day.

    Here's what I wore to watch my mom at her latest Triathlon. She puts me to shame exercise-wise. I only run because I have to in order to stay in shape. The swim was in the ocean, so yes, this is how I dress to go to the beach. Considering last time I wore a leather jacket, I didn't feel quite as out of place XD

    Hotel shot ^^

    Anyone else out there have some tips for surviving summer?


    1. I hear you!! Thankfully it's not so warm where I live, Finland really is the perfect place for goths and the like! And my skin doesn't tan or burn easily, another plus. ;) So, my tip: move north!! :D

      1. That's why I love visiting Sweden. The weather is fantastic :D
        Moving North is actually starting to sound like a really good idea. We've been planning to move to Canada for quite a while now and I think we're starting to get somewhere :)

    2. xxxx little darkling xxxxMay 12, 2013 at 2:03 PM

      Carry water around with you if you're going out (especially for a long time). Drinks are always expensive to buy, and if it's burning out there, you will need water. Freezing a full water bottle overnight is great too!

      Don't wear tight fitting things. Now is the perfect time to wear that loose lienen hippie skirt you bought in a charity shop! It works for desert tribes!

      And, if you, like me, happen to wear a school uniform, then arrange a gravestone in advance reading: 'died of heatstroke'. Those things are not for hot weather. (or cold weather, come to think of it!)

      1. Unfortunately, I hate water XD I make myself drink it anyway ^^"
        Oh you're soooo right about the tight clothing.Breaking out my flowy skirt is always a good idea :)
        I am so sorry about the uniform, truly I am. It sounds like my band uniform. Always too hot or too cold >.<

    3. I like to carry a hand fan with me, especially when there is no breeze. I find it helps cut down on the heat greatly!

    4. The color of a piece of clothing doesn't seem to affect me very much, it's more about the fabric. It won't matter if I'm wearing black or white, but it does matter if I'm wearing a skin tight dress versus a flowy sundress. I usually end up still wearing all black in the summer, just with less layers and more airy fabrics like rayon, cotton, silk, etc.

      1. I don't actually own much white, but I think it really can make a difference (for me) ^^ You're absolutely right about the skin-tight clothing. Ugh I'm *never* doing that again. And fabric of course. If people are whipping out the latex in summer I'm going to seriously question their sanity O.o
        Flowy skirts are amazing for hot weather :D