Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fear Tag

We've been so busy running around to visit relatives that I haven't been able to comment on anything. And there have been so many lovely posts lately! Of course. I'm doing this fear tag really quickly and then we're heading out to do something. (I don't even know at this point.) Thank you OddGhoulOut for tagging me!


  • Do this tag with the lights on. You may be facing your worst fears in this room...
  • Answer the questions! 
  • Tag however many others as you want and link them in your post.
  • Tell the others you've tagged them on their blogs.
  • If you read their posts and notice you share the same fears, give them a virtual hug :)


1) Three things you're afraid of for a very good reason (in order).
2) Three irrational fears of yours (in order).
3) The medical term for one of your fears.
4) Are you superstitious in any way?
5) Are you easily startled?
6) Do you have any common fears (heights, bugs, etc.)
7) When you watch horror movies, are you better at dealing with suspense or gore?
8) Are you afraid of ghosts?
9) Are you afraid of any animals?
10) What was your scariest nightmare about?

1) Needles, speaking in front of a lot of people, and swimming by myself. (I watch a lot of River Monster reruns.)

2) CLOWNS, puppets, and being alone in a really quiet place.

3) Trypanophobia~ fear of needles.

4) Not at all.

5) Nope! (Perhaps if I'm somewhere like Halloween Horror Nights)

6) Not really...I like the dark, think most bugs are just nuisances, and heights don't bother me.

7) I do better with gore. I think it's gross, but it doesn't scare me at all. Most of the time I think there's just an unnecessary amount of it.

8) I'm not actually sure if I believe in ghosts so this is a no.

9) I love all animals :)

10) This is going to sound weird...but I don't really dream. Or if I do, I never remember. I have a vague recollection of some dream that happened when I was little. Purple zombies were chasing me I think? And they kept tearing down the rainbow wall I was building to keep them at bay...it wasn't really as scary as it was strange ^^


Ok, um I've got to go. Desperately. I'll probably (probably!) come back and tag specific people. But for now if you see this and want to do it then just go ahead! I've tagged you! Don't be afraid to share!

Everyone's afraid of something ^^

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