Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY~ String Dolls

I saw a display of these the other day, but didn't have enough money to buy one. When I got home I raided mom's sewing kit for string, sat down, and got to work. Many, many finger cramps later I finished my first one.

Everyone, meet Snagglefang.
He's a bit sloppy. I had no idea what I was doing after all. But he's pretty cute if I do say so myself. I've just got to go back and fix those awful fangs of his ^^

How I did it
  1. Roll string into a small ball. Then start winding in different directions until the head is the size you want it. You'll need a bit of patience, it's difficult in the beginning. It gets much easier as the ball increases in size. I advise putting some music on or the TV to help pass the time.
  2. I got a bit lazy here. I suppose you could make the body entirely out of string. I shaped a piece of clay into the body and then started wrapping the string around that until it was covered by a few layers. 
  3. For the arms I broke a toothpick into the right length and stuck it through the body. Then I wrapped string around both ends.
  4. The legs were done separately around clay like the body.
  5. Paint the parts any colors you'd like. This is only if you're unfortunate like me and could only find pink string when you needed white and black.
  6. Glue the individual parts together with hot glue.
  7. Paint on or stick pins in for the eyes. Paint any other features you'd like.
  8. Clothes and accessories! Not to mention, hair.  For this guy I cut a triangle of felt for the widow's peak. The cape is also felt and it was made in two parts. (The collar and bottom part.) I also added a little piece of black fabric around the neck to hide where some hot glue seeped through.
Here are some more I've started. I think I might have a new hobby...

Zombie bride
A Grim Reaper. I need to clean the hot glue off of him...
This one is my favorite. He's like a little deathrocker! ^^

I'm planning on doing a pirate, a cyclops-bat creature, a romantigoth (with a little top hat), Tahno, and The Joker. I'd like to attempt a lil' Robert Smith and a Jareth one but those are a little more difficult what with the hair. What I'd really like to do is an 80s era Dave Vanian doll, but I don't even know where to start with that hair. I mean, what would I use?


  1. I love this! I've always wanted one of these things but they're kinda expensive for something that's essentially just crafty bits. Definitely going to be doing this <3

    1. thanks! I know, I see them everywhere and I'm always tempted to buy one. Instead I was like "Ok it can't be that hard. Megan, you are going to try this. YOU WILL SUCCEED."

    2. and you did succeed :D I actually think yours are better because they're unique <3 now, where does my mum keep the string.... xx

    3. Awww thank you ^^ Good luck with yours :)

  2. I love the little voodoo dolls; this is great & I can't wait to make my own! XD

    1. Thank you! It's a whole lot cheaper than buying them that's for sure ^^