Saturday, July 28, 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge~Day 3: A Piece of Clothing or Jewelry that was a Gift.

This was actually a bit difficult. I just tore apart my closet trying to find something my parents or I hadn't bought while shopping. Gift-wise I tend to ask for books, movies, video games, etc. Plus, my memory is so horrible I could barely remember where I got half of my closet!

This dress was a present from a friend. she wore it once, but she decided it didn't fit her style and handed it over to the first person that wanted it. Lucky me! It's affectionately referred to as "The Trash Bag Dress" because of the shiny black material it's made out of. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet. As pretty as it is, it sits rather high up and I'm afraid it gives that unfortunate 'I'm pregnant' look. I'm trying to figure out how I can fix that, but it might just be being my paranoid self. Eventually, I'll get some use out of it ^^

Then I have my my converse boots. Years ago, I remember begging my parents to get me these for Christmas. Nowadays I'm more of a 'black leather boots' kind of gal, but I still wear these from time to time.

I think the straps are a nice touch.

By the way, my preview option on Blogger doesn't seem to be working. I just get the spinning gears and have to actually publish the post to view it. This is extremely annoying because I like to see how they look before-hand. Is it happening to anyone else?


  1. I really like the fabric for that dress.:) Maybe you could use a cincher or wide belt?

    1. That's actually a really good idea! I used to have one, but it broke >.< Now how to get some money....XD I suppose I could gather a a few dollars in change and raid the local Goodwill again. They normally have a lot of different kinds of belts there ^^