Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swedish Picspam!

Well I did it! (I'm only a few weeks late after all...) It took me an hour or so to sort through ALL THE PICTURES, but here are the ones that made it through inspection and to this blog. It was extremely difficult to find non-derpy ones only featuring me and the countryside/city (Depending on where we were.) I don't believe my family wants their pictures up here for all to see so don't think I'm a camera hog. I'm not, I swear ^^

Our trip pretty much went like this.

1) Stockholm
2) Goteborg and surrounding area
3) Summer house at Oland
4) Back to Stockholm

I would give you a map but the massive amount of pictures coming your way is going to clog up enough space on this post. So without further ado...

A ferry off of Stockholm.
I love graffiti when it's tastefully done. It's art, despite what other people think.

We got to go sailing!

An old castle.

The view over Marstrand.

An old fort.

Casual me doesn't like shoes.

Pretending to angst over something that looks suspiciously like a gravestone.

Sailboat races!
We found time to mini-golf ^^
Getting off the Subway.

Can I just reiterate how much I love cities. There are so many different kinds of people everywhere and so many places to shop. (And no money to spend...*cough*) Not to mention, I got to break out some uber-goth outfits every time we went in to Stockholm or Goteborg. (With some exasperated looks from my parents) Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of any of them.  Pretty much all the outfits in this photo set were my casual I'm-on-vacation-and-just-don't-care outfits. Of course. *Smacks self*

The last day we went shopping I picked up a few more things. I got a new leather jacket and an unopened, remastered copy of Pornography by The Cure! *Squeels* It's my favorite album and I couldn't be happier. Of course, I'll be in debt to my parents for at least a year, but we'll ignore that until I see something lovely online and realize how screwed I am.

I've also realized my makeup supplies are running a bit low. Recently, I've been eyeing a few shadows over at moiminerals.  I especially like these three.

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